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Thread: bmw 328i

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    bmw 328i

    Getting on the interstate just like any normal morning and tailing my rear bumper is a black bmw 328i, not sure on the year. I generally merge pretty quickly, and this guy is still tailing me as i pull into the interstate. As i merge i move over to the middle lane to pass a much slower truck, and he follows me, then he decides he can pass me on the far left lane which ends in maybe 50 yards or so, lol. As soon as he tries i gun it, he realizes he's not gonna make it and gets back behind me and then goes to pass in the right lane, i gun it yet again and we both start going pretty quick. I manage to hold him off until about 115 mph when he just starts pulling on me. I still have it floored but he just slowly pulls away. He finally lets off after he got about a car length and gave me the thumbs up, lol.

    I drive an 07 Nissan Altima 3.5SE w/ CVT
    07 Altima 3.5 SE Super Black w/ CVT

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    Gearing perhaps/ How does that cvt perform? I wonder with no lower gears to stay in longer does it not run as well in the upper end? Just questions, not accusations.
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    The cvt has been good to me so far, still think the 6 speed is much better. Acceleration is fairly good, with the rpms climping up really close to redline when you punch it and they stay there until you let off the gas.

    Has a neat little feature for WOT, when you floor it you can feel a little switch being activated under the pedal, tells the cvt to get the rpms up above 6000 really quick.

    Also i think CVT's are limited to around 130 mph, while the 6 speeds are limited to around 145 mph, so that didnt help me any.

    As far as not having lower gears, it has lower gear ratios that keep the engine above 6000 rpms, even in the upper end, i think it just kinda hits a wall around 115-120 mph since its so close to the top speed of 130.
    07 Altima 3.5 SE Super Black w/ CVT

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