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Thread: Audi RS4 vs BMW M5

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    Audi RS4 vs BMW M5

    Now this is one heck of an example of irresponsible reckless driving on crowded public roads! I almost wet myself just watching it!

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    That was nuts... the RS4 left him behind a few times though
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    I used to drive like that. I'm sure glad I'm still alive. At one point you can see the Audi split lane right between two cars. Close to the end of the video the M5 almost smacked that big crane truck.
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    yeah i dont know if i'd go as far as to say he's a "good" driver but damned if he's not ballsy. Wish they'd gotten some footage of the speedo
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    I guess when I post my occasional street race story, thats what people invision. I don't go like that. I did as a 20 year old, and recked my maxima.
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    i'd love to kick both them in the nuts as hard as i could
    because if they can afford those cars they can easly afford to take them to the track too and not put peoples lives in danger.

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    Actually its a RS2 not a RS4... seen the video maany times, never gets old.
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    Actually its a RS2 not a RS4... seen the video maany times, never gets old.
    Hmmmm... I highly doubt it was a RS2. Unless someone repainted one in a newer Audi colour and modded the entire rear end to resemble current A4 tail lights and bumper configuration.

    Also, RS2 was a turbo 5 cylinder and that Audi sounds distinctly like a V8.

    RS2's are super rare.

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    Remember the movie the Wraith? Well in this video the Audi was playing the part of the Dodge Interceptor.
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    i can't see anything..i think Pic has been romoved

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