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Thread: Best Race You Have Ever LOST

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    Best Race You Have Ever LOST

    Badhobz has a funny ass story about losing to a Prius. Made me remember some of the more amusing races I have lost. Here's my 2 favorite. How about yours?

    1) The Salvation Army Truck - Back in highschool, driving my 510, going to lunch at McDonald's with a friend. We approach a stoplight in the right lane of a road that is 2 lanes in each direction. As soon as you get through the intersection, the right lane ends. You know the drill. Pile up of cars in the left lane, no one in the right lane, so you zip to the front knowing that whomever is there at the head of the line in the left lane, you are going to have to beat. In my case, it was a Salvation Army truck. One of those Class 6 or 7 box trucks with about a 25' box. Easy kill right? The guy sees us over there and knows we are going to nail it off the line and get ahead of him. He starts revving his engine and his buddy in the passenger seat is taunting us about how they are going to smoke us. Light turns, I dump the clutch, and promptly stall the engine. Damn. By the time I get it started he's gone.

    2) Bad-ass Vespa - In my 89 Tercel commuting home from work with a friend. I have 2 burned exhaust valves. Almost zero compression in one hole and about 40 pounds in the other. Basically, I'm running on 2 cylinders. At this point it's kind of a joke to see how far I can drive it before it completely dies. We are getting off the freeway. The offramp is 2 lanes that split after about 400 yards. Right lane heads west into Downtown Portland, the left land crosses over the freeway and to the East side. I'm in the right lane just before the split but I need to be in the left. Damn, how do I always find myself in these situations? The offramp goes uphill before splitting and crossing over the freeway. The Tercel is screaming, flat out, 3rd gear, 45 MPH and losing speed on the uphill. Some chick on a Vespa with a hot pink helmet is hot on my tail. No problem I can lose her. I'm just about to get over to the left lane when she apparently gets impatient and ducks out from behind us, passes me on the left, then cuts back in front of us. Tercel is still floored and losing speed. My buddy Mike looks over at me and says "Dude, don't sweat it. Some of those Vespas are pretty bad ass."

    OK, those are my 2 humiliating race loss stories. What do you guys have?
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    well ive been prowling the city trying to find mr prius but so far no luck. I keep my phone camera ready to snap at the idiot if i ever see him again.

    Yesterday on my way home from work there was this really old ass civic Si 91. Inside contained 2 elder gent whom looked like veterans from wwII. they wore those funky army hats and i guess they came home from a vetern meeting or something. Well i have great respect for any vetern i come across but i found it kind of odd they would be driving a 91 civic. im mean come on! anyways.
    Light turns green, and old man(s) gun it! ive never seen an 80+ year old go so fast. I didnt even know we were racing, the old man looked relaxed and was chatting to the other guy about something. but now he's flying down the street and the little I4 is screaming as his old lead foot is floored.

    Light turns red, he stops. I slowly come up to him. Once again, hes very calm and collected. I was thinking about maybe racing him, but since he's a veteran i couldnt possibly win. even if i do win the battle, he won the war.
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    I was chasing a 911 in my XT6 and we both went around a turn at about 70......he exited the turn.....I spun about 4 times. I also raced a **** box civic in my moms 04 Maxima on the highway, I was a little confused till I heard his BOV.
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    I was driving my friends 2001(?) Celica GTS 6-speed and lost to a guy in a mid 90's stripped out 4cyl Escort GT that was red with green fenders

    I lost to a guy is a Focus (not even an SVT) in my 1991 300zx that was embarassing...maybe I should have downshifted..haha 16lbs/whp sucks

    A guy in what looked like a stock WRX pulled on me in my 240 then I popped an intercooler hose....worst part was it was obvious I got on the throttle it then 'pop' goes the hose, black richness pouring out behind me, and the bah-bah-bah misfire sound....actually my 240 sounded kind of like a wrx...I think he got me by about 87659 carlengths

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    an EK on slicks with a t67/t3 ran 11.89 and I ran a 12.4

    it looked a lot closer when I was chasing him down the 2nd half of the 1/4 but he beat me on ET and RT.

    little bugger was one of the faster cars at the test and tune that day.

    my car was at 15 psi at around 300 and kind of sick sneeze

    but it was fun

    I cant remeber losing a street pull, like for 3 years or , I drive the current FB a lot less on the street however.

    I tried to Bait an F-40 and dumped the 40 mm gate in the guys face smiled he wouldnt do it and just shook his head. Would have been a good one down pch all gay f and f style.
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    I lost to a gutted civic last thursday in my bolt on s14. As of this sunday(today), i have just finished purchasing and piecing together a $2400 t28 setup.

    I was humiliated, destroyed and then inspired. Defenitely a wake up call. It was the final push i needed to go FI.

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    I lost to a new Civic SI tonight but I didn't realize I was racing for a bit :-/

    Was putting around in 6 gear accelerating from 2k-2.5k and then I heard the fury of VTEC slowly creep by.....

    I was like WTF is this guy racing me?

    Anyways, I change the map to give me full boost and pulled up beside with the engine still under 3k rpm. I let off(realizing it was just a waste of gas) and then the guy proceded to cut me off and put his blinkers on.

    Damnit, guys like that give Hondas bad reps.

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    Lost to a beater civic hatch (mid 90's) with a d15 and a 14b turbo setup...just did my sr swap and I figured it would be an easy kill. At the time I had some really cheap hard tires and all I could do is one tire fire down the stretch, couldn't hook up to save my life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve shadows
    I tried to Bait an F-40 and dumped the 40 mm gate in the guys face smiled he wouldnt do it and just shook his head. Would have been a good one down pch all gay f and f style.
    I remember when my buddy first got his Supra and we cruised up and down PCH for a couple of hours trying to get someone to race. It was a pretty futile attempt. That car has come a long way since then...
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    The best race I ever lost has to be against a BMW 330. We were driving on the 405 north through Huntington Beach/Westminster. I was in my SR20'd S13 with the basic BPU stuff at stock 8psi. I never got the car out of fourth gear because I kept hitting the 112mph speed limiter. I had no problem out accelerating the guy. I always managed to pick the better lanes and make it through traffic more efficiently than he did. But every time we got side by side I would pull on him, then slam into that speed limiter and he'd get away. It was pretty embarassing.

    Actually, that's not the best race I ever lost. I was driving through Long Beach in the S13 and the exhaust on that car was loud... easily heard from a mile away at WOT loud. I was driving past the airport and I came up on a couple of guys on Harleys. We were pacing each other and they kept looking over at me because my car was louder than their bikes. Cruising alongside those guys at about 5500 RPM in 3rd made for a great chorus of loud, rumbling exhaust notes. We pulled up next to each other at the light and when it changed everyone got on it. I pulled on two of the three bikes and those guys looked suprised, but the third bike just walked away from me. The best part about it was the sound. It was so freaking loud, and we were going by the old Boeing factory so the sounds were just bouncing off of all those big buildings, it was awesome.

    I have to stop writing now. I'm sad again. I miss my car. :(
    Pushin Nissans since 1997.

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    was on the highway following a black bmw 645 looks cool so i followed him a little
    he go up to 80 slowly going to 90 so I follow why not
    I hear it, the exhaust rumbling from his car, gave me goose bumps so i floor it
    we pass 100MPH! quickly hitting 117 and staying there , BMW walks away 117++ MPH

    I have 117MPH cut :( SR20 stock ECU (afc tuned)
    95 240sx/96 sr20det

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    Well, coming home late last night after picking my kid up at work. Pull of the interstate to a stop light with 2 left turn lanes. Just as the light is about to change, a black car pulls up. Both of us turning left, he nails it first so I had to play a bit of catch up. Anyway, once I caught on, he didn't pull away but I couldn't gain up to about 80 when his lane ran out and he moved into my lane. We both had to slow due to a car in the now single lane. A little farther down the road, it becomes 2 lanes again and fights on. Again, could not make headway but he didn't either. I did smoke him through. A traffic light was red that we both had to stop for and I waited way late to apply my AP Racing breaks. Blew right past him pulling up to the light (finally got to show him my tail lights ). All in all, I think the drag race was pretty even. I was pretty happy overall as my Z has pretty much every bolt on you can get but that's about it for engine mods. I'd really like to get him in the twisties to see what would happen (that was the point of my late break).Honestly, he was a little faster but not "kill" faster. I don't know if he was a 6.0 or a 5.7 but either way, I was pretty happy with my Z's performance.
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    GTO rocks
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    RT 28 in centerville, VA.......1991.

    I was in the right lane at a light and noticed the guy next to me in the right turn lane was going to try to go straight so I powerbraked my 280zx turbo so I could launch on boost.

    Light turns green and I watch the guy on my right give up halfway across the intersection when the old ford truck on my left suddenly made a deafening noise and shot away into the distance.

    It was amazing watching his entire truck twisting from the torque between shifts. That truck had to have upwards of 600hp.

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    down town holyoke ma, an old rundown mill city. at the lights under an old out of use railroad tressil. im in this old beat to crap mazda b2200. i mean the valve seals have so much clearence you can stick a paperclip through them. well this mitsubushi fuso box truck pulls up along next to me and its late, just comming off 2nd shift. we are both at that special over tired point where you dont feel tired but you have that lets do this attitude. so i rev at him and have this cloud of blue smoke come from behind my truck. he revs back this kind of oil starved clattering like only a old diesel can. the light turns green and we both punch it. its neck and neck he shifts first, i gain some ground, now my shift it continues this way for about 35 seconds untill the next light. now i think if we had gotten past 45 i would have had the advantage but i must admit as it stood i was beaten. not by much but if you ask any racer a win is a win whether it is by a foot or a mile right.

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    Mine happened at the local dragstrip.

    My completely stock 350Z versus Camaro SS (late model).

    I thought I had a real chance 1/8 mile then I shifted to third as did he and he pulled away hard. Those few seconds feeling, "Holy crap, I got a chance" was short lived but a good rush.

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    A WS6 cop car at 11pm in front of the mall... it was awsome..

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    Best races in my maxima:

    -0-110 against a Saab Viggen. He barely beat me. I gave him the thumbs up until I notied to twin babies in car seats in the back
    -0-80 against a 70s corvette with a 454 on the hood, older guy driving. We were dead even from 0-80, great race.

    Most of my emberassing losses were driving my wifes stock 240sx:

    - A stock early 90s Grand AM. Kid walked right past me and it was automatic.
    - A stock early 90s G20, also auto, on the highway.
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    06 WRX TR - RIP

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    i was on a first date w/ a girl i had i liked since high school. we had just finished eating and had pulled out into traffic and stopped at a red light. in the left lane was a female police officer. i said to my date," dare me to rev on her?". she dared me thinking i was bluffing. so i indulged her ,nervously albeit, and to my surprise the cop looked over w/ a baffled look that then turned into a smile. when the light turned green, she was off! my 5spd 93 altima did not have a chance.

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