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Thread: G35 Online Owner's Manuals (FREE to view or download!)

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    Exclamation G35 Online Owner's Manuals (FREE to view or download!)

    A car owner's manual can answer a surprising amount of questions for you - posers like what is the stock offset of the 18" wheels that came with my 2004 G35 Coupe? Or .... how do I jack up the car using the included tools in my coupe's trunk? And so on ....

    What? You don't know where your owner's manual is? Or, you don't have one because you don't own a G35 (shame on you!) Or maybe you're just too lazy to go to the garage or street and open the glove compartment and look at it?

    No worries - you can view it online! Even better, it's free to download (ZIP utility needed to unzip) or free to view online.

    (Every model year and trim of the G35 as sold in the USA and Canada should be found in the above link.)

    You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view - download it here.

    - Riff

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    Cheers, love reading car manuals - the geek i am :p
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    Not every version

    Some manuals are only available in French. The 2003 sedan manual is only available in French, but the 2005 is available in English so most of that is equivalent info.

    - Riv

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