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Thread: Run-in with clean civic ek hatch.

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    Run-in with clean civic ek hatch.

    On the way to a friends house in my s13 sr20, 10-11psi fmic, usual bolt-ons a civic runs up on my bumper real quick. Clean looking ek hatch lowered, wheels hid's. Kept tailgating so my brother in shotty gave hime the . So eventually traffic clears up and he pulls besides me and starts talking trash to my brother "is this your car? so why are you talking ****?" So he tries to brush the guy off, but now civic driver is annoyed and riding my i toy with him a bit...constantly letting him hear the hks ssqv so now he wants to run. He wants to go from the hole, but we dont manage to catch any lights. Eventually we make a u-turn do a rolling start in first(2-lane road and no intersections/driveways so no real problem picking up speed and stopping with my z32 calipers up front). He honks his horn and on 3 we the middle-end of 2nd i'm 1-1/2 cars on him and by mid 4th gear i have 3+ cars on him so i slow down and give him the thumbs up. Mr. angry civic driver starts talking **** about "I didn't get to use my nitrous" which i dunno why he would even bother in a street race, and even if he was to use it wouldn't he want to spray when i kept pulling? Either way he drove off in an angry fit and me and my brother laughed about it. :D In the end i got caught into a pointless street race, but it was entertaining and nice to stretch the 240's legs. I wanted to talk to him, see what he had as i do appreciate a nicely modified honda. Definately no k20 as it would have been close, or he might have even pulled me. Was most likely a gs-r/type-R was a bit quick for a b16.
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    I've noticed that nowadays a lot of Honda kids must have their hands in a holey pocket - feeling cocky. THey use to get all scared once they heard the BOV. Now they just get raped and still wanna talk mess. Shame shame.
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