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Thread: first street encounter in my s14d

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    Talking first street encounter in my s14d

    soo i was driving back home, freeway, and i see this lil red Civic DX (i think it was a dx, smooth lil hatch). look lowered, kid inside it had a lil fauxhawk and glanced at my new 95, 108k, all stock 240sx SE

    so i drop down into 4th with the car about 75mph
    and step on it a lil to follow him as he cuts between a couple cars, left then right, and im right on him. then as it clears up before my exit to another freeway, i push into 5th and straight passed him confidently at about 89mph and he looks over at my car.

    sooo yeah ive got an all stock ride, temp tags, and 3 s2000 tires in my car, 2 fronts in the trunk, and one 245 rear in my backseat. i guess the kid noticed my temp tags and thot he could easily pass me on a large S twistie link of the freeways. so i see him behind me coming up fast and stepping on it, i dropp it back to 4th before he passses me and dart out into the left lane to follow him as he tries to lose me on the quick curves, he puts a lil bit of gap because of his flyby and a quick pass btween 2 cars during the lengthy turn leaves me a bit behind, but i keep pushing forward confidently

    then downhill with him about 10 carlengths ahead he puts on his hazards, which i read as, try and pass, so i really step on it, down hill, and im flyin with this car i just got lol
    felt just like Shutoku battle, car leaning everywhere as im passing tru traffic as 100 and catching thhis lil civic, and saying eff cops cus i gotta beat this guy!

    so im approaching him quick and almost on him at 115 aaannnnnddddddddd

    wat tha fuh? it felt like i downshifted and lost all power?!?! is that a effin govener?!?!?!?! aahh!!!!
    so i have to lay bak on the gas and im right behind him still, but in distracted shock at my s14d giving up like that when it definently had more! and with plenty of traffic in the way, the lil red civic risks life and limb on the far right burm to pass row of 3 wide cars and up the straight away to bridge....

    so ok, i lost, but i lost with a huge smile on my face. i bought my car like monday, picked it up friday, and saturday had my first street race! lol, on temp tags! so i was thuroughly happy with the car. and all the swaying of the stock suspension made it so thrilling to push the car like that, felt like it might just drift out at any second just like on tokyo extreme racer or sumn.

    this is all so new to me, im used to driving an s2000, and running out of road before i can top out and radar chirps lol and turning on rails with no body roll. but so far, im loving the thrill the 240 gives me!
    *puts on flame suit* yes, my first car is a honda, still payin on it, but just had to buy a nissan cus i always wanted one.

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    racing slow i remember those days. put at least 350 to the wheels and your racing story will go like this:

    Saw Honda, kid looked at me so i decided to drop to 4th and then I didn't see the honda anymore. Don't really remember the race because it was a total of about 5 seconds long and the road was kinda blurry and tunnel like.

    Then you actually can really smile and try to stop shaking as you decelerate from insane speeds. I feel your excitement, but a stock s14 at those speeds is kinda iffy. Upgrade suspension, brakes, tires and motor and the car will make you forget the s2000 in every aspect besides style and newness.

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    I still culdnt see the s14 d being more a corner monster or traffic slicer than th S, but yeah, I need a sway bar and a racing seat so I can heel toe. I'm so so sure bout 350 to the wheels, the S is getting that wif a superCharger in a few years. but I'm betting with 350 to wheels, S14 would jump in a straight line!

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    Why do you keep calling it a S14 d? And how are you going to supercharge your car, there aren't any kits available at all. And...350 whp definitely won't make your car do

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    There are some KAs supercharged, I've only seen custom stuff though not kits, but its been done.

    Never seen a twincharged though, would be nice !

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    Quote Originally Posted by turtl631
    Why do you keep calling it a S14 d? And how are you going to supercharge your car, there aren't any kits available at all. And...350 whp definitely won't make your car do
    No it wont but they are sure as fun to drive.

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    I believe he was saying his S2000 was getting a supercharger not the S14.
    Team Sprock

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    ts4 is rite. I meant s2000, but I love the s14, can't wait to swap th engine. I guess I'm a big S-car fan

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    FYI, there was a supercharger kit for the ka - it was made from Thomas Knight I believe.

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    That like never got off the ground though, a few haphazard prototypes sold on ebay and that was pretty much it. And the guys on who tried to supercharge their cars had pretty dismal results.

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