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Thread: December 2007 ROTM Winner

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    December 2007 ROTM Winner

    Congratulations Jason Mohr, FreshAlloy member: Ni8done, of Parlin New Jersey. His 2007 Infiniti M45 Sport was chosen by the administrators, moderators, and FreshAlloy elite members as the Ride of the Month for December 2007. Thanks to Jason for entering this month's contest, and to all the members who submitted rides in the contest. It was another tight race, and all of the entrants were worthy of recognition, but they will have to wait till next month, as this month we recognize a tastefully modified M45.

    Quick Bio of the Car:
    First NoN German car I fell in love with and owned!.....After you Drive a M45 thats enough

    Engine/transmission Modifications: 4.6 V8, 07 Element 114 full Exhaust

    Suspension/Stopping Modifications: Espelir Springs, and Sport Shocks and Struts

    Exterior Modifications: Top rear window Roof Wing by Burtman

    Interior + Lighting : 30% Titanium tint all around, All Weather Mats, Hoen H.I.D matched Fog Lights, Super White blinker, and Turn Signal Bulbs, LED Super White License Bulbs.

    Think you've got a ride worthy of competing in next month's competition? Submit your ride to or You too could soon be the winner of the Freshalloy t-shirt and transfer decal seen here: http://

    Winners are also entered in the FA Ride of the Year contest, voted on by all Freshalloy members, the winner receiving a grand prize which has yet to be determined. Additionally, keep in mind our friends at Nissan Sport Magazine will be monitoring the ROTM threads for prospective vehicles to feature in their magazine!
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    clean stuff right there!
    sell me your r32

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    This is one of the few larger-size cars that I've seen that have aftermarket body modifications that actually seem to add gracefully to the cars' lines. Nice job - not over the top, but enough character to set it apart from the crowd. While it's not a technical tour de force (it is harder to do this with an M than a 240 or a G coupe after all!) it does show that in some cases, quality doesn't need quantity.

    Congrats to Ni8done.

    - Riff

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    I agree Riff! This vehicle is VERY TASTEFULLY done!
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    Executive class, sporty, and elegant. Well deserved

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    I wish I could afford that Car!!

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    Dont forget MultiMedia forums!!

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    wat kind of rims are those? I love 5 point splits, I'm really looking for the right ones for my 240. and u took my idea with ur tint! I love it! I guess we think alike, and that's a good thing! haha, congrats!

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    I could be wrong, but I think those are just the stock infiniti 19" rims that come on the M45. I also am rather fond of the tint!
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    man thats one awesome looking car! i am in love no doubt!
    William Perdigon

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    Congrats to Jason, his ride represents FreshAlloy in the sponsor section of Nissan Sport Magazine's latest publication!
    09 M35S - Liquid Platinum

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    nice car..thats a oem kit right?

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