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Thread: Any information on towing capacity?

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    Any information on towing capacity?

    I occasionally haul brush and dirt in the back of my Murano. (I use a plastic tarp to protect the interior). I don't think that works with an EX. The cargo capacity is too small, and the interior too nice.

    But an EX with a small utility trailer would work.

    Towing recommendations vary widely. Infiniti says an FX can tow 3,500 pounds, but towing with a G35 is "not recommended".

    So, any information on towing capacity for the EX?

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    I just checked all teh dealer released info again for you and found nothing. Then I called Infiniti Corporate offices and they tld me that info would only be released in the Owners manual. So Infiniti says you have to wait 'till I get one in and can look it up for you.

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    I can't believe that Infiniti woudn't have information about towing. I actually talked to Customer Care about 1 month ago, and they said that they don't see why they wouldn't have the EX tow anything. Will this be truth? We'll see. One of the reasons I'm still sticking with this car is the hope that it will be able to tow something. I know one of the problems we always have with these models is the location of the muffler. It's right in the way. With the FX, I know it was a big pain in the you-know-what. I'm sure they didn't sell many of the hitches with the FX, so why would they put it on this one. You know, one of the reasons you buy an "SUV"...oh yeah, the "U" stands for "Utility." Where the heck is utility if you can't do anything with it? Hmmmm, am I starting to second-guess this decision? You bet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikekel
    I just checked all teh dealer released info again for you and found nothing. Then I called Infiniti Corporate offices and they tld me that info would only be released in the Owners manual. So Infiniti says you have to wait 'till I get one in and can look it up for you.
    Thanks for trying,


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    I took this from the Owners manual word for word. NO Towing with the EX!

    Your vehicle was designed to be used to carry
    passengers and cargo. INFINITI does not recommend
    trailer towing, because it places additional
    loads on your vehicle's engine, drivetrain,
    steering, braking, and other systems.

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    Well, I've finally reached my limit of compromise. A crossover that can't tow has not crossed over from a sports coupe enough for me. I'm out.

    Better luck next year Infiniti.

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    Thanks for following up on this.

    Unfortunately, this is probably a show-stopper for me. The EX seems to have too little interior cargo capacity for me, and it looks like I can't "make do" by adding a trailer.

    I wonder how many other "crossovers" have 0 pound towing capacities.

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    I think this vehicle is confusing to most people. If you listed the primary deliverables for the design, utility probably has several things in front of it, like luxury and sportiness. It is very much a niche vehicle, but I look at it this way. I don;t need to hall people, but I do need to be able to put a rear seat down and have a hatch opening to load things. I don't want a large SUV, and other things in this size are either underposwered, or too utilitarian for my taste. I think the RDX and the X3 are still too boxy looking for me. I also had a terrible experience with a new Acura in 2002, so I am reluctant to go bact to them, plus I have read many negatives about the turbo. I am not a fan of BMW at all. I did sit in one at the auto show, and I was shocked at how light and cheap the doors were. I like the 'thunk' of the Infiniti doors...heavier than the EX, but not too heavy.

    Anyway, for people who want to tow things and haul big things and carry a lot of people, this IS NOT your vehicle. The FX will solve most of those issues, and there is a new model coming out next year, so just be patient. :D

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    Someone else who already bought one said that the manual recommended not to tow with the EX. That is pathetic since I can tow 2000lbs with my 2006 Subaru Impreza. I tow a 4 wheeler with it and it does well for a 2.5 liter 172 hp 4 cylinder. I sent a question to Infiniti regarding the towing issue on their site and this is the answer...

    "In order to obtain information regarding pricing and
    available options on the EX, please contact your local
    Infiniti dealer, as the dealer is in the best position
    to advise you and answer your questions and concerns.
    If you have any further questions and/or comments,
    please feel free to contact Infiniti Consumer Affairs
    at 1-800-662-6200.Thank you for allowing me to be of assistance."

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    Why a towing giude listed???

    I went to the Infiniti "Manuals & Guides" section to grab some info to get "smarter" on the EX and there under EX in the guides is a "Towing Guide" listed which is just a basic "stay smart" booklet for people who tow. WHY if you can not use an EX35 to tow would you put a towing guide???

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    Thanks for the idea. I found the towing manual on the EX page, too.

    I see what you mean about the "generic" look. However, page 21 has specific towing capacities for "SUVs" - FX and QX. At the bottom of the page they have the following note:

    "Passenger Vehicles Infiniti does not recommend trailer towing with EX35, G37 Coupe, G35 Sedan,or M45/35 vehicles."

    So the EX is officially a passenger vehicle, not an SUV.

    This doesn't make sense to me. The FX35 and EX35 have very similar power trains. I expect Infiniti is just following the German's lead - you don't tow with sport sedans, and you don't take chances with lawsuit-happy Americans.

  12. #12 refers to the EX as a 'personal luxury CUV'. It was never called an SUV.

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    I had no idea people tow so much stuff! Hasn't this issue been beaten to death at this point. Don't tow stuff with this car, just buy another one. I know it is disappointing, but let's all just move on.

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    Infiniti's can tow

    I think you will find that the Tow Rating has little to nothing to do with how a vehicle will perform or handle any trailer.

    I have been researching this for over ten years and have come to a number of conclusions....

    Some of the best performing TV's have a 1,000lb tow rating.

    The size and weight of the vehicle has nothing to do with how well it tows a trailer. The vehicles stability factor is one of the most important attributes to review.

    Automotive companies, generally speaking know very little about towing and their marketing departments set the tow rating number.

    You really need to have your vehicle evaluated by a reputable towing specialist to determine what the vehicle is good for. You also need to evaluate what trailer you are towing and how is it connected and how the hitch is adjusted.

    As far as Infiniti's go they have much potential. For example the G35 uses the same tranny that is used in the FX series of vehicles.

    We have been towing with our pro set up G35 sedan for 4 years now. It is one of the most stable combinations out there. No problems with anything except the rear springs have sagged slightly. I recently purchased a set of coil springs from a 2005 G35 (with handling pkg). These springs have a higher rating and a firmer ride which will solve the sag issue.

    To sum up.... Using a towing specialist to evaluate the vehicle is key. They have the expertise, experience, and contacts within the Automotive and RV industries to evaluate accurately.

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