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Thread: S14 Sr Vs Integra

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    S14 Sr Vs Integra

    So I pulled up to the redlight and there is lowered Integra w/ exhaust on the middle lane. He's got a woman riding with him. I am getting ready to pull in the Nissan dealership on my right 100 yards past the stoplight and as soon as the light turns green, the Integra launches loud and HARD. Mind you I am a very meek driver (when I'm not flooring it) and I've got a car right in front of my lane. In the milliseconds I'm debating whether to go for it I said to myself he asked for it so why not. Launched and switched over two lanes to the left (and yes I checked it was clear) and passed him so quick that I realized it was not even a contest. I passed him so fast that he looked like he was standing still. Look for the next street and made a U turn so I can go back to the dealership as I had a tight schedule. I can only imagine what the guy/girl thought afterwards as I had no time to wait for him. I have a big FMIC infront so I'm thinking this guy had to be stupid not to know I had a turboed car (SR, 264, 3076R, 740CC) to be so brash wanting to race and being spanked so bad. End of story.

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    lol... you definately spanked it! good job

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    he was probably having danger to his manifold

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    Quote Originally Posted by 240s3x
    he was probably having danger to his manifold
    lol right before his passenger floor falls out

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