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Thread: HKS GT2530 vs Garrett GT28RS

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    Sil, have you had a change to flog on the turbo to make a video yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoSideways
    Sil, have you had a change to flog on the turbo to make a video yet?
    Man its dumped close to a 12+ inches of snow the last 3 days... Finally stopped working 12's but damn it just wont stop snowing hehe... This weekend may be possible if enough snow melts.
    I know why I do it.

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    My dyno graph was done using the .86 housing.

    The benefit to using the Garret turbos is the new CHRA exchange program. Instead of forking out $900 for a new CHRA if/when one craps out, its around $400 with the exhange of the bad one.

    For the record, my GT28RS spun its bearing one day with just a hair over a year of use on it and less than 10,000 miles. I have no idea why, oil pressure was normal, oil level was normal, car was warmed up, and the turbo had never seen a day without a BOV or Turbo Timer. I was doing a quick run on a back street, and when I let off the throttle you could hear the bearing had spun. At the time Garrett didn't have the CHRA exchange program so I ended up buy a GT2871R.

    I'm now thinking about spending the $400 for the CHRA exchange and throwing the potato on my new S13 vert project.

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    Any updates from Sil? Or anyone w/ the 2530 turbo wanting to make a video?

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    Hey man, most of the ice melted on the expressway today. I will get my girls camera tomorrow and try to get a couple videos. Need to find my defi tac and will line it up with the boost gauge and let you see.

    Editing Video will be uploading soon.

    Video is 19 Megs and uploading right now.
    I know why I do it.

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    Here you go man, its about 19 megs or so... Did a few seperate pulls for you, sorry if it is shakey... Roads are horrible and chie wasnt able to hold the camera steady. It runs about 1.15 bar of boost and thats where the warning is set. Hope that helps, theres already about an inch of snow on the ground since this morning...
    I know why I do it.

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    Good lord that turbo's response is indeed insane!

    Thanks for the video man!

    Couple of questions.

    1) What's your engine setup? S13 or S14/15 engine?
    2) Any mods other than the 2530 turbo?
    3) When you said "holds boost ok to redline", does the boost taper off from 1.15 Bar? Down to what?

    Sorry for the interrogation style questioning, but it is really hard to find any information from people that have this turbo (you're the first person that I have spoke with that has any information about this turbo other than another guy on Zilvia, and even he was kinda vague about it).

    Again, thanks for the video man!

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    S13 Blacktop, HKS FCON Gold, MAP Sensor, HKS 555cc, Tubular Manifold. Full 3 inch exhaust with no cat/resonator.

    I have a boost cut set at 1.2 bar, boost controller is set at 1.15 because I cant find a way to fix the slight creep/fluctuation. But I don't think the boost tapers off, have to look again... My friend said he used to run his 2530 at 1.4-1.6 bar on his GTS-T making 350-370 dynoed out to the wheels. I never heard of this turbo making that kind of power and my mechanic says it should only be good to about 300-310whp. However always hearing that HKS underrates their turbos and they are good a few more psi then listed... I just been to scared to test that theory.

    No problem with the questions... Only people I see running these turbos in any English speaking forum are the rb26 guys going twins with them....
    I know why I do it.

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    That's exactly why I've been trying to ask you as many questions as I can, because you're the only other person that has had any experience with the 2530 on an SR! haha

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

    I plan on running some 256 cams, probably Tomei poncams, and then adding a Greddy intake manifold, along with the Tomei Expreme manifold and the Tomei turbine outlet/O2 housing.

    Hopefully those mods and running 1.25 Bar (around 18psi) will yield around 330rwhp for me. That's kind of the goal anyway, but anything over 300rwhp will make me happy

    Thanks again man!

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    Hey it's good to see other people with the GT2530. Getting to 300 whp has been a challenge also. Although response is great and it has a great powerband, I'd like to be able to hit that 300 whp mark too. Mine dynoed on a mustang dyno at 270 whp on 17 psi.

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    you should make 330whp with those mods. my friend had a simular setup: s14sr, gt2530, power fc, 720 inj, 256 cam, stock intake, and 1.2 hg made around 330 (forgot the exact number). i drove it a few time, its a good setup

    i have a hks gt-ss which is simular but smaller. and its rated at 280ps. but i have a few mods, and pushed 320whp.

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    ^ Very good numbers from the GT-SS!

    Do any of you guys w/ the GT2530 know how that turbo will react to compressor surge?

    The way I have my GReddy Type-R BOV set up is that it wouldn't really open until I hit some boost, so if I take it up to like 3500rpm and not go into boost at 0psi, it would just compressor surge on the T25 right now.

    Do you guys think the turbo will get damaged easily this way, or should it be fine?

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    Thems some crazy power curves man. That thing must be a riot to drive.

    Just for curiosity, does anyone know if HKS has anything over Garrett as far as quality, trim, that sort of thing? I was planning on going with the GT2871R, .64 trim, but, but I'm always a fan of doing something different...

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve shadows View Post
    Oh but before you sell it, because there is so much insane mis-information

    consider than the GT-RS is the SAME TURBO as the 2871R ???


    At least if you compare the CHRA's

    trims etc.

    Turbines are going to be specific to application anyways.

    FYI, Tomei also has similar turbos with identical specs to the GT2871R:

    Tomei B8446 = gt2871r 0.86 A/R
    Tomei B7652 = gt2871r 0.64 A/R
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    For all of the dyno racers or dyno wanters:

    My car is BLUE (2871.64, s3 cams, JWT ecu, 3" ehxaust, stock manifold extrude/swained, stock bottom end, greddy plenum 20 psi

    Sentra is red (GT28RS .86, s3 cams, JWT ecu, 3" exhaust, GTiR manifold extruded/swained, stock 9.5:1 USDM DE engine....etc etc etc 17/18 psi

    Now obviously the greddy plenum can change alot of things, and the two psi of boost will change peak numbers but this is an 'ok' comparison of my car and my best friends power curves. Same dyno, similar weather conditions.

    Similar spool/torque charecteristics, but you can see the superior top end of the 2871r

    Totally a 'FWIW' graph.
    Cody Ace - 97 240 - 400/330 JWT ECU, JWT S3's, 2871 .64

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