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Thread: January 2008 ROTM Winner

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    January 2008 ROTM Winner

    For the second month in a row we recognize an M45 in New Jersey! This month's honor goes to Mark Yuen of Camden New Jersey and his VIP style 2004 Infiniti M45. Mark is Marketing/Sales Director of a website and is an authorized dealer of many manufacturers of VIP styling products for domestic vehicles. He says his love for VIP style was born after tuning his IS300 years ago. After seeing this ride, more than a few FreshAlloy members may be inclined to adopt the VIP style as their new year's resolution. Congratulations Mark!


    • Junction Produce full front bumper
    • Junction Produce full rear bumper
    • Junction Produce fog lights
    • Junction Produce side skirts
    • Junction Produce door panels
    • Junction Produce bonnet spoiler
    • Junction Produce roof wing
    • Junction Produce rear trunk spoiler
    • Junction Produce gill eyeline
    • Junction Produce taillight garnish
    • Junction Produce billet grill
    • Junction Produce badges
    • Junction Produce exhaust
    • Carbon fiber pillars
    • Grand Turismo badges
    • Full Xpel hood, fender, headlight, fog light protection
    • Mercedes SL fender vents
    • Mercedes ML hood vents
    • Jspec Nissan LED clear tails


    • AME Shallen FX 20x9 +22 (F)
    • AME Shallen FX 20x.10 +22 (R)
    • Dunlop SportMaxx 245-35-20
    • Universal Air Suspension


    • Varad puddle lamps
    • Varad trunk lighting

    • Full carbon fiber dash
    • Junction Produce Fusa
    • Junction Produce Kitsuna
    • G35 Sport Pedals


    • Macrom EXT 6.0 components (F)

    • Macrom M1S.60 components (R)
    • Macrom M1A.4150 4-channel amp
    • Macrom M1A.1500D Sub amp
    • MB Quart Subs (2)
    • Optima Red top battery
    • Tsunami battery top distribution
    • Tsunami cables, capacitors, connectors
    • Carbon fiber trunk install

    Thanks to all who entered the January competition. As usual it was a tight race. Tough competition is what the ROTM is all about, and every month stiffer competition steps up to the plate. Think you've got a ride worthy of competing in next month's competition? Submit your ride to or You too could be the winner of the Freshalloy t-shirt and transfer decal seen here:

    Winners are also entered in the FA Ride of the Year contest, voted on by all Freshalloy members, the winner receiving a grand prize which has yet to be determined. Additionally, keep in mind our friends at Nissan Sport Magazine will be watching the ROTM threads for prospective vehicles to feature in their magazine!

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    Congrats to Mark on his modified M45/Cedric - while I am not a big 'slamming' guy I do respect the considerable work put into this car to make it into a one-of-a-kind vehicle.

    - Riff

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    Truly a work of art. A ride anyone would be proud just to be seen in. Great job, and congrats! Good pick, FA.
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    This is a very nice ride and I'm sure it took many hours of hard work to complete.
    Having said all of that, I'm surprised by one thing. This is the first time I think I've ever seen an interior with carbon fiber and wood. I'm not a fan of wood so I think this interior will not be complete until the wood is out. I know it is factory and may be hard to remove, but it should be worth a shot. Maybe you can get the interior done in piano black or something.

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    Damn thats very nice !

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    Thanks for the honor of being R-O-T-M !!!!!

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    looks awesome Congrats.

    I was born in Camden, NJ .. rarely hear about Camden.. lol

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    Wow!!! The amount of work in that car is amazing.
    Febuary 2008 Ride Of the Month winner, and Representing Freshalloy in the Spring 2008 issue of NISSAN SPORT :D

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    I always loved the clean lines of that Generation, and this one is HOT!!!
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    nice car and one of kind..wat kind of exhaust is afraid to say but it looks like one of those generic mufflers u find at ur local flow master muffler shop..

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    Quote Originally Posted by azn808
    nice car and one of kind..wat kind of exhaust is afraid to say but it looks like one of those generic mufflers u find at ur local flow master muffler shop..'s a Junction Produce Type I.... retails for $850 and is the only one in the USA so no, it's not generic...

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    WOW. Very unique. Nice.

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    nice and clean. love the offset

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    sorry but those fender vents look like crap..i hate to be negative but i have to speak my mind

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    Total Hotness!!!

    I <especially> like the fender vents
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