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Thread: Chrysler will sell the Versa in South America

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    Chrysler will sell the Versa in South America

    Oh that's funny, right after I start to date a girl who drives a Versa, and now my little sis buys one, Nissan comes out with some more good news regarding the Versa.

    Chrysler is going to sell Versa's in South America. It just goes to show how intent Nissan is to amortize the costs on this global small car.

    It's interesting, I wonder how they'll market it. Will it be an upscale car as it is in Japan? Will they also offer the smaller engine?

    Of course the buzz on everyone's tongues is that this could possibly lead to a bigger partnership between Chrysler and Nissan. Who knows, a Titan / Ram collaboration? Or actually, a small truck? Even further, an alliance much like Renault? Toyota and GM would then have a lot to worry about, wouldn't they?

    I'm pretty stoked. What say you?
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    Well, Nissan has been selling the Versa in Brazil (as the Nissan Tiida) since October 2007.

    This is strange news indeed, since Chrysler has had a very small presence (in Brazil at least) since the late 90s and Nissan itself is keen on increasing its market share here.

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