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Thread: drag racing parts: Mazzwork axles, chevy auto for your KA

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    drag racing parts: Mazzwork axles, chevy auto for your KA

    i have a set of mazwork axles with the adapter flange for a hubs, or bolts..been sitting in my garage..only used a few times..i went with a different set-up..these axles help up to over 1000hp and a few mid 8 second passes before i took them out..only reason im not using them because i went with a different rearend so i had to get new axles...they retail for 1800 complete..selling for $900

    i also have a custom kit for the KA-t guys that want to go auto..this was in my old set-up with a th350..the car ran 10.8s running out of gears...

    parts included: all parts are in excellent shape..have less that 100 miles on them.

    JW flywheel
    JW bellhousing
    ford starter
    adapter plate for KA to a th350 or th400
    adapter for TC and flywheel
    custom TC with 3600 stall

    all you need is a custom DS and a mildly built th350 and shifter kit..i spent over $1500 for these parts...i will let it go for $750...the TC costed me over $750...

    im open to some trades...


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    Damn I would love to have those axles, but gotta get my haltech first.
    Video of my SC maxima with auto and 7psi (old). Now a built 5speed with a Quaife LSD and 10psi
    Nissan lover with SC Maxima and Turbo S13..LOL

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