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Thread: March 2008 Ride of the Month

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    March 2008 Ride of the Month

    Congratulations Christopher Caccese, FreshAlloy member: ChrisCheezer, of New York City. His 1991Nissan 240SX was chosen as the March 2008 Ride of the Month. Thanks to Jason for entering the contest and to all the members who submitted their rides for consideration. It was a VERY tight race this month. All of the entrants were worthy of recognition, but they will have to wait till next month, as March is reserved for recognition of a candy apple red 240 from the Big Apple.

    Bio of the Car:

    I recieved the car at end of 2004. It was a riced out 240 with a huge molded eribuni body kit, and the car was hit in the front damaging the fenders and bumper cover. Everything was first stripped and suspension work started. I installed basic coilovers and sub-frame spacers. After I had a few suspension basics, I performed my first sr20 swap, and drove that around for two years bone stock.

    I then concentrated on restoring the car's exterior. During that time, the car was sanded down to bare metal and sprayed inside and out with BMW Imola Red II. I added a set of GP sports side skirts and a PDM rear lip. Four months later I hit a deer (doh!) and rocked zip ties all over the front for the whole season.

    Shortly after that a sr20 build was started started, the original sr20 was removed and replaced with my build. During this time, I finished up the suspension, added new brakes, Work wheels, an LSD, and fully stich welded the entire chassis, engine bay, and strut towers.

    I Had the car out for 5 days and it was hit by a truck. So once again i had to paint. From there a GP sports front bumper was installed. After that I obsessed with getting a "prefect tune" for a month. The car looked good, and ran even better.

    Bride Brix 1 seats
    Bride Mo type seat brackets
    Nismo GT shift knob
    Short Throw Shifter kit
    Greddy Profec B spec 2 boost controler
    Greddy 60mm boost gauge
    Greddy 60mm oil pres. gauge
    AEM wideband O2 sensor
    indash dvd,I-pod touch screen, headunit

    BMW imola red II paint (ppg world) code 405
    GP sports uathaine Front bumper
    GP sports FRP side skirts
    PDM rear lip
    OEM nissan 180sx tail lights
    frp vented hood
    10000k HID headlights w/H4 convertion
    Sleepy eye control set-up
    DME cooling panel


    Work Vs-xx wheels
    Yokohama Advanced avs
    Megan Street 32 way Coilovers
    Nismo Front power brace
    Skyline R33 (ecr33) Front calipers
    R33 front rotors
    Axxis Metal master pads
    brembo rear rotors
    Stainless Steal brakelines
    Progress anti-sway bar w/heim join endlinks
    project rear upper camber adjusters (RUCAS)
    front tension control rods
    Front and rear strut tower bars
    c-piller bar
    Master Clyinder stopper
    russle speed bleeders

    redtop sr20det
    T-28 gtir turbo
    ARP headstuds
    3 angle vavle job
    Port and polish

    Top Speed intake manifold

    HKS 264 intake cam
    HKS 272 exhaust cam
    HKS headgasket
    HKS SSQ blow off valve
    Greddy rocker arm stoppers
    Greddy Vavle springs
    Greddy oil pan
    Greddy Front mount
    Greddy intercooler piping
    Nismo Fuel pressure regulator
    Nismo 555cc Fuel Injectors
    Nismo oil cap
    Nismo thermostat
    Custom 1mm. larger valves
    Custom urathaine injected engine mounts
    Custom powder coated valve cover
    Custom air intake
    300zx MAF
    300zx exhaust studs
    Muti layered exhaust gaskets
    Koyo Radiator
    Flex-a-Light fans
    Flex-a-Light fan control box
    Spec stage II+ clutch
    walbro 255 fuel pump
    OEM Pistons
    OEM Rods
    OEM bearings
    OEM oil pump
    E-mance Tuned ECU
    turbo back 3'Tanabe Super Racing madilion exhaust system
    apexi AFC neo

    Thanks to all who entered the March competition. Tough competition is what the ROTM is all about, and every month stiffer competition steps up to the plate. Think you've got a ride worthy of competing in next month's competition? Submit your ride to or You too could soon be the winner of the Freshalloy t-shirt and transfer decal seen here: http://

    Winners are also entered in the FA Ride of the Year contest, voted on by all Freshalloy members, the winner receiving a grand prize which has yet to be determined. Additionally, keep in mind our friends at Nissan Sport Magazine will be monitoring the ROTM threads for prospective vehicles to feature in their magazine!

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    My life long goal is reached! lol

    thankyou Freshalloy

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    Congrats Chris!!!

    "In the end we all just play the roles given us... Sometimes they dont fit so well,... but I guess we make do."

    Dont forget MultiMedia forums!!

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    Beautiful machine-a lot of hard work. But it doesn't get it here on the M forum. In the bio you ("I recieved the car at end of 2004") misspelled "received;" which ruined the whole effect for so astute an auto forum as hours.

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    09 M35S - Liquid Platinum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antzrus
    Beautiful machine-a lot of hard work. But it doesn't get it here on the M forum. In the bio you ("I recieved the car at end of 2004") misspelled "received;" which ruined the whole effect for so astute an auto forum as hours.
    oh darn... lol

    i told "others" to proof read it too..

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    I have been blessed to see that car in person :p

    congrats chris.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jas3113
    I have been blessed to see that car in person :p

    congrats chris.

    LOL! Awesome!

    thanx guys! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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    damn thats so sexy!!!

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    Mighty fine ride you have there, Chris!!! Congrats on ROTM!!!

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    no bumper lights
    not a very polished car

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    looks amazing
    i can't imagine that build with bumper/signal lights

    bumper lights = ewwww
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