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Thread: EX's Future Competition? The BMW X6, MB GLK-350 & Audi Q5

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    Quote Originally Posted by LEXA
    Mmm, espresso, from your link on the Bellagio:

    Carrozzeria Touring will be showcasing the Bellagio alongside its new Superleggera sportscar in a few days at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este on the shores of Italy's glamorous Lake Como

    I'm thinking we should all take a research field trip over there to check it out & see if it has a hanger. ;-)
    Don't forget to bring the checkbook! And they do know how to make espresso over there....

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    And we could do a detour over to Torino (aka Turin) which has the best espresso ice cream on the planet!!!!!!!!!) You have not lived, espressomac, until you have had your namesake gelato there, my friend.

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    I've been to Torino and unfortunately didn't become very fond of it. Seemed very industrial like at the time. However, now that you mention that they have the best espresso gelato on the planet there, maybe a second visit is warranted. Probably accompanied by a perfect, crema filled espresso, all while sitting in a sidewalk cafe... che bella vita!

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    Sorry, late to the discussion, but the EX is a clear winner vs. the GLK geez its ugly, and the Audi, which kinda looks like a KIA to me. I think the X6 looks phenominal, but I don't think people would seriously be cross-shopping those two. More lilely the X3 (as someone else pointed out) and I think the EX is a much better bargain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by espressomac
    Don't know what was more fun, building the car shopping website or actually looking at all the cars we did. Certainly gave us fun stuff to do for a while.
    espressomac, that website you and your wife put together is really interesting (and fun!) I highly encourage others to take a look, particularly for those who are still deciding. My favorite sections are the performance specs and tournament areas.
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    EXceptional Woman,

    Thank much. I like to say that I did it because I really wanted to get to know how to use iWeb. People say I did it because I have waaaaaay too much free time.

    I think the part I enjoyed most was the blog. You had to live to believe some of the anecdotes. Car shopping in Calle Ocho in Miami...well that was an experience all on its own.

    If others are undecided and they take away some useful information, then great, it will have been worth it. I've done a few updates but I'm already working on my next iWeb project.

    I'll try to continue adding stuff to our Infiniti EX35 page, especially as my wife takes more and more photos. I already told her I want to her to take pictures of the EX35 next to all the lighthouses in Florida.

    Thanks again!

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    Any chance that we'll be getting the 7 speed tranny found anytime soon? Heck it gets the FX35 to 60 in 6.1 - the EX could surely use this tranny to get a 0-60 of 5.9, and maybe get 25, 26 highway mpg. Also - I hope Infiniti can add some kind of towing capability to this thing. The X3 can tow 3500 lbs, as can the new Land Rover (i think). They shouldn't even try to label this as an SUV at all if it can't tow - making it more and more obvious that it is just a G35 hatchback.
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    I have never seen the EX35 classified as an SUV. As well, for Land Rover, if you are stating the LR2 can tow 3500lbs, I doubt it, it has a small engine with very little torque (LR wasn't even offering a towing package for it when I was looking). If you are comparing the EX to an LR3, it's not a fair comparison as the LR3 is an SUV.

    Yes, the EX is basically a G35 hatchback, I don't think Infiniti has been trying to sell it as anything other than a CUV version of the G35.

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    More wannabe's

    BMW is making their 3 series look less wagon like for 2009.

    and unlike with the X3 they finally understand that the iPod connection does not go in the rear of the car

    More pics and story here.

    Still like the EX35 more.


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    Quote Originally Posted by LEXA View Post
    I thought some of you EXers & wannabe EXers might be interested in checking out a couple of recent online features profiling the future competition for the EX on the road & in the marketpace - vehicles which are either currently on tap or expected to be in the pipeline shorly.

    Motor Trend has a First Look at the 2009 Audi Q5.

    Also from Motor Trend, a First Look at the 2010 Mercedes GLK-350 4Matic.

    And from, we've got a First Drive of the BMW x6

    I`ll beat them all while I`m at sleep ! :D

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    Well, BMW is not done shooting for EX35 lookalikes. They have an X1 concept at the Paris Show right now.

    More info and pictures here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by espressomac View Post
    Well, BMW is not done shooting for EX35 lookalikes. They have an X1 concept at the Paris Show right now.

    More info and pictures here.
    i like the rims....

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