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Thread: Versa 08 versus Sentra 08

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    Versa 08 versus Sentra 08

    Let me know what do you think which one is better?

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    Explain please. :D

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    Sentra is roomier and ahs a couple extra features.

    versa is less money and uses a bit less gas..

    It depends where your priorities are.

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    My friend has 2 Sentras (both 2.0 SL's). I have had 2 Versa HB's (both 1.8 SL's).

    Neither has had any dealer-worthy issues in one year of ownership. The options are similar (we both have I-Key, BT Phone). The Versa seems more confortable to me, even though it's smaller. The Sentra is bigger, and has more storage options inside the vehicle.

    Another one of my friends has the Sentra SERSV. Fun car for a weekend, and decent gas mileage, but with the fixed rear seat, it loses a lot of functionality.

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    hmm, i like my specv but the brakes are a sever issue - they need to be corrected every 10k miles and a lot of people are complaining about them needing to be turned to often
    William Perdigon

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    How many miles does your Spec v have?

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    I have over 57k on my 2007 spec v
    William Perdigon

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    I would probably get the Versa hatch...well, it seems more practical, and you can't get a hatch on the Sentra.

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