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Thread: May 2008 Ride of the Month Winner

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    May 2008 Ride of the Month Winner

    Congratulations to Paul Sy of Raleigh, North Carolina. Paul and I met in the 10th grade and I hadn't talked to him for 10 years before receiving his entry by email for ROTM. Paul owns a black 1997 Nissan 240sx and is known by alias: Elixirvtec on Freshalloy. It was chosen by the Freshalloy Elite, moderators, and staff as the May 2008 Ride of the Month. Paul's ride is clean and mean on the street. Check out what he did with the A/C controls!

    HKS 256/264 cams,
    Greddy intake
    GT2871R .86 turbo
    Nismo 555cc injectors
    N65 mafs, Z32 fuel filter.
    Blitz intercooler
    greddy rs bov
    Jim Wolf tuned ECU
    HKS air filter
    Blitz downpipe
    BRM exhaust with Vibrant's Ultra Quiet Stainless Steel Resonators,
    Greddy E01 boost controller,
    Blitz power meter
    yashio factory intercooler spray.
    B&M short shifter.
    Greddy oil catch can.
    Koyo Radiator

    Engine/transmission: 1996 S14 SR20DET w/vtc and transmission

    Tein Flex Coilover supsension with edfc..
    Nismo Front and rest strut bars.
    Nismo Power Brace
    Z32 aluminum calipers up front with heavy throttle brake kit

    Wheels/Tires: Nismo LMGT4 wrapped in Nitto NT 555

    Interior: Beautiful/perfect Full leather seats and door panels have leather inserts.
    Leather shift boot, ebrake partial leather, console covered in leather.

    Nismo Oil Temp, Nismo water temp and Nismo Boost gauge.
    Greddy oil pressure and fuel pressure gauge. AEM a/f gauge.
    Climate control moved to the center console.
    S15 steering wheel

    Exterior: Nissan OEM front lip and side skirts

    Thanks to everyone who entered the May contest. Competition is what the ROTM is all about, and every month even stiffer competition steps up to the plate. Think you've got a ride worthy of enough for next month's competition? Submit your ride to

    Winners are entered in the FA Ride of the Year contest, voted on by all Freshalloy members, the winner receiving a grand prize yet to be determined. Additionally, keep in mind our friends at Nissan Sport Magazine will be watching the ROTM threads for prospective vehicles to feature in their magazine!
    The Spring edition features NismoDave, February 2008 winner!
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    One of the nicest 240s I've seen lately. I love simple, exterior mods. HUGE tailpipes and fugly rims will ruin any cars looks. Good job and congrats Paul. I don't even need to see the rest of the competition to understand why this car was picked.

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    very clean ride, congrats

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    To be honest guys, this site has really peaked my interest in 240's! This car in particular. I actually used to work with guys that were in love with them and I was like "big deal", just another rice mobile (spoken by a big rimmed Monte Carlo driver at the time). They were balls fast, as one of the guys was an ex-Audi mechanic/Georgia Tech grad that was just as mechaniclly inclined as he was book smart. I've ridden with him while killing Porsches on Peachtree Street (closer to Peachtree Industrial side, for those familiar w/ATL) and always's just his car because he was such a car nut. But this site has me wanting one with a slight build for a daily driver. Too many miles going on the M45! Anybody got any suggestions to find a clean one to use as a starting platform in the southeast?
    2003 M45
    2001 Monte Carlo SS
    1993 Honda Civic EX
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    might find a better response in the 240 sections... We don't want to divert attention from the ROTM winner in this thread! Glad Paul has contributed to inspiring you to start your own 240 project though! thats cool!
    09 M35S - Liquid Platinum

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    ^ 100% Correct, will hunt there....(thanks for not being a jerk about it too, i did hijack & apoligize)
    2003 M45
    2001 Monte Carlo SS
    1993 Honda Civic EX
    2005 FX45 (wifey's)
    "May your pain be champagne!"

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    Awesome ride!!!
    It was a tough competion this month against extremely worthy entries that he clinched it anyway speaks for the car.

    "In the end we all just play the roles given us... Sometimes they dont fit so well,... but I guess we make do."

    Dont forget MultiMedia forums!!

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    Awesome car! I love seeing other clean black Kouki's like my own!

    but those wheels...LMGT4's.....oh man I'm in love! to find a set now... hehe

    Good stuff. Proper car!
    Cody Ace - 97 240 - 400/330 JWT ECU, JWT S3's, 2871 .64

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    Great ride... Just curious when we'll see things besides Sentra's and 240sx's though.

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    i take it you dont use your A/C controls often since you relocated. neat idea. the front looks MEAN.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rice_N_motioN
    Great ride... Just curious when we'll see things besides Sentra's and 240sx's though.
    You did look at the rest of the threads right? there's more Infiniti M's than there are Sentras featured as ROTM. I guess a more appropriate answer would be when someone sends in rides that are worthy enough to beat the sentras and 240s.
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    It's perfect, it almost brings tears to my eyes.
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    Screaming from the minarets"

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    Sweet 240. Makes me want to get one.

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    Sweet. Well planned, well built, and obviously well loved. I have never been able to keep a black car looking so pristine. I salute you! (Trade you a Dodge Ram for it???):D
    04 G35X, DP, Premium, Wood

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    Thoughtful Functional Modifications Done Correctly

    Very clean and functional modifications. No poseur cosmetic stuff here.

    Well done, sir! And a pleasure to drive, I am sure.

    I do wonder how much better it would be in the summer with a good CAI in the high pressure area?
    1995 Q45 & Q45t
    2000 Q45

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    Wow, that's a super clean 240!!

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    98 rb240tt (sold :( )
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    congrats man.... makes me wish i had entered.... nearly identical car as mine, only mine is green w/ SF Challenge instead of LMGT's..... looking great though!

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    Not a bad looking Kouki.
    98 SE 5spd 240sx KA24DE-T (Original Owner)
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    the A/C is very creative I am really liking it =]

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