my buddy recently bought a nissan sentra, he added the paint protection thingy and got a loaner versa for the day. Well me and another guy from work took it for a joyride during lunch. I started driving it, took some massive corners at 70km/h and of course the car is loaded with understeered and body leaned like a mofo. Then tried doing some patterns in the parkinglot and that it wasnt very pretty either. Next comes my good italian friend, basilo. He gets in, straps on, and first thing he does is put it in reverse and do reversal circles, suffice to say that worked out better than my frontal 0-rings of joy. Next thing i know, he jams it in Drive and now its heading towards the intersection. 3 cars goes by and i tought he would now either make a left or right and go drive it somewhere else.


he edges out into the middle of the intersection, puts it in reverse and does backwards doughnuts again. However this time he hits a patch of mud, slides the car and BAM right into the stop sign . THe sign is now totally knocked over, the rental versa is scratched to shiiittss on the front end, the liscence plate holder is clean off, and we are left laughing away at the stupidity.

We take it back to work, he is late because he only had a 15 min break and i was on my lunch and the poor guy who we got it from is one of our managers he's totally choaked at the whole thing hahahah!!!

probably a good 2 grand worth of damage on the front end, but im sure it'll buff out.