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Thread: Whiteline Swaybar Install

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    Whiteline Swaybar Install

    This is my first post on this forum.
    Last week I installed a Whiteline swaybar, that I got from PDM Racing, on my Versa and took a few pictures of the installation. It is a very straight forward part to install.
    First, I backed the Versa onto a set of drive-on ramps as the swaybar has to be installed with the vehicle at normal ride height.

    Here, shows the swaybar and the mounting hardware.

    The endlinks get bolted through a hole in the centre of the spring seat. At this point the bolts were only tightened by hand.

    Next, the U-bolt goes over the rear axle.

    Here, the D-bushed were installed on the swaybar, with plenty of the supplied grease.

    The swaybar is now mounted to the U-bolts.

    Lastly, the swaybar is bolted to the end links. There are two holes on the end on the bar, the closest to the front of the car is the softest, and the closest to the rear is the hardest setting. After the endlinks are bolted to the swaybar, the nuts on the endlinks get tightened, but only to the point where the bushings stop rotating.

    The swaybar is the first handling improvement I have made to the car and I am pleased. The car rotates much better.

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    Awesome first post!!!! Welcome to Fresh Alloy -

    I am glad to see some pics of this, do you have any close up's on the end links and how they are mounted? I'm working on something Similar on the current 2007 model spec v and I like this application...
    William Perdigon

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    Here is a link to the Whiteline Install sheet

    It shows the endlinks in more detail that any of the pictures I took. Hope this helps.

    Do you have any plans on producing parts for Versa and/or MR18DE?

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