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Thread: Not much of a race

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    Not much of a race

    A couple of weeks ago, I was cruising with the wife in my freshly tuned R33 VSPEC... Yeah, we all know where this is going- I was just minding my own business when a 300z passed by driving the opposite way. He decided to whip a u-turn and pull up next to me. he revved it a few times, and I laughed. There was no way I was going to race him in the middle of the city on a Saturday night on a road full of stoplights and cops! I let him follow me to the end of the street, which eventually becomes an on ramp for the highway. At the last light of the normal road, he pulled behind me and waited for green... dumba$$. The light hit green, and I never gave him the chance. I was doing 125 before he realized what the hell just happened.
    I know it is not much of a race story, but it was still fun to crush his ego!

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    last year when i was down in the states i rented a mustang v6 from hertz. This r32 pulls up to me, laughs at my ****ty rental and then booted it down the highway at insane speeds. Well i was like, WTF its a v6 what u want me to do with it? so around 30 mins later i pulled into this service station and this guy was there filling up too. He looks at me and says, DUDE I wasted u! Im like DUDE, its a rental v6 i didnt even want to race. While he was jabbering on and on about how fast his car is, this old lady in a buick backs right into his friggin car. I laughed my ****ing ass off, he was SUPER pissed. HHAHAhha
    2007 CTS, 2001 Sentra.

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    I'm running on the freeway minding my business and this Porsche 928 comes up right behind me and my guess is he was ready to give an ass whipping to my S14. Of course he does not know I have a big FMIC, 3076R, 264 cams, 740 cc injectors, with a JWT ECU. He follows me (literally kissing my ass) around and when the lanes open up, I floored it to oblige him and he did to. He tried his best to hang on but he literally got smaller and smaller in my rear view mirror. As I'm peeking at him time to time in my rear view, blue and white smoke suddenly starts coming out of his tail. He slowed down and he was smoking preety bad that the car right behind him switched lanes. I had to slow down to turn and he passed me by as I did so. He had lost all his earlier agression and I'm guessing he has a new found respect for 240sx's.

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