I got two good runs in last night against a friend's Scion TC. The Scion had a CAI and exhaust. My 91 coupe has a de-baffled stock intake, ebay header, Megan Type II exhaust and 23 degrees base timing on 93 octane.

We lined up at the local "track" and ran from a stop. I gave him the hit on the first run because I thought I'd have a big advantage off the line. I launched at about 3k rpm and immediately hit huge wheelspin and wheel hop. With 420 treadwear 195/60 Futuras on the car and decomposing rear subframe bushings I didn't have as much of an advantage off the line as I thought. He ripped me off the line grabbing an instant one car lead. When I finally caught traction my front bumper was right off of his rear bumper. As we rowed through the gears it seemed like he was shifting when I was at about 6000 RPM and I would pull on him until I shifted at 6200. We wound it out most of the way through fourth gear and by the end I had barely pulled a fender on him. We pulled off and I gave him credit for the win on this run because he simply destroyed me off the line in a FWD and I barely pulled him on the top end.

We went back out for a second run and I had a better feel for how I was going to drive the car. I launched at 3k again but when I hit wheelspin I really backed off the throttle and modulated it until it hooked up, then pegged it again. This time I pulled a car on him while he was still spinning. I ran it out to 6500 rpm in each gear and I slowly pulled on him all the way up into fourth. By the end I was a solid half a car ahead of him.

End result- one solid win to the NA KA, the other run given to the TC based on massive ownage off the line. The best part was that they were close runs all the way- nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like running through the gears side by side with an equally matched opponent.