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Thread: Thoughts on success of EX so far....

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    Quote Originally Posted by gt_performah View Post
    Did you guys see this article:

    Let me quote the important part

    "Infiniti will now add more rear-seat legroom as well as launch a new marketing strategy that will promote the vehicle as a worthy alternative to a sedan and other crossovers. Consultations with the dealer network are being undertaken to figure out the best way to pitch the EX to a greater number of people, rather than the EX's original target of couples and singles seeking a crossover."

    I also saw another article, which I can't find, that states Infiniti is not making the vehicle bigger but they are going to add more room to the back seats. I'm not sure how they are going to do that without compromising trunk space or front seat space. This is a step in the right direction for the EX and Infiniti but it kind of sucks for current owners. It's just been a year.
    The only way they can possibly do it is 1) some subtle seat resculpting and 2) shorten the front seat track to reduce intrusion into the rear. I doubt they'll do #2 since that'd short-change the tall amongst us and since the rear's used so little in this group why bother?

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    EX Backseat

    The '09 model EX will have the backseat tapered in front to provide 2" more rear leg room. That's what I have picked up on the 'grapevine'.
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    I was another one of those who had considered the EX for my next car. I have owned two FX45s for the last six year and was looking to replace my current one with a smaller, easier to park vehicle like the EX.

    Unfortunately when it was introduced at the dealership my 16 and 14 year old kids couldn't fit in the back seats. Whats wierd is that they had no issues with the G35x.

    I agree with those who has no need for the backseats that the EX is a great driving vehicle. I guess Infiniti is realizing that this is a very very limited segment of the population.

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    The EX answers a question that was never asked.

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