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Thread: Just Installed Eibachs and tokicos

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    Just Installed Eibachs and tokicos

    Hey every well I installed new Eibach lowering springs, tokico illummina front struts and rear shocks with the eibach front camber kit on my 2002 Infiniti I-35 today. I love the ride I have all 4 tokicos set at 3 and so far it seems perfect. I also installed the stillen front strut brace. I already had the stillen rear sway bar. After setting the front camber and toe all the settings are perfect. I also installed front and rear prostop crossdrilled rotors with the factory brake pads. I am running 225/50/17 Nitto neogens on 2005 g35 sedan rims. My first day impressions are good. I have found the ride is firm but not harsh which is why I went with the Eibachs over the tiens since I have heard they ride is rougher then the eibachs. I also had driven a 2000 I-30 with eibachs and liked the ride. I did this since my wifes I-30 stock struts and shocks were worn out at 110k. I swapped all my complete stock front struts, springs and the rear shocks, springs for hers since my car only has 34k. Her car also has my 17 inch factory I35 wheels on it instead of the stock 16's. I will post some pictures of my cars soon. It took me about 5 hours to swap the struts, install the new struts and springs, cross brace, rotors and alignment. Well worth the time and money since it has made such major difference. The real test will be the drive to my father in-laws since it is about 1 1/2 hours on nice curvy roads.

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    Hey congrats. Back in the day (3 yrs?) I used to have the same thing (Eibach Pro kits + Illuminas) and they were very good. As you said, firm but not harsh, and good damping with the Illuminas. At the time they were the best choice for a progressive spring and strut combo. I've since moved on to coilovers but if I ever were to go back I'd definitely consider that combo again.
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    How much difference did it make in ride hight/wheel gap? Did it break the bank?
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    The ride height/wheel gap is about 1 inch lower compared to another I-35 with 225/55/17's. I spent about about $700 with the new boots. I thought about the tien coil overs but I was on a budget (stimulas check) for the suspension and everything else was about $400. I have but about 800 miles on them and love it.

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    If you could, let us know what you think after 1500 or so miles. Got any pics?
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    I have about 1000 miles on it now and so far so good. I will take some pictures soon as soon as the smoke clears here in cali

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    :p can't wait to see the pics!
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    i just installed the shocks/struts for illumina's and kept Stock springs on my i35 sport. Absolutely love the difference they made, car used to float like crazy, I don;t know how they called it a sport package. I used to have Eibach/tokico on my Maxima it but I thought it was a bit too bone jarring for the roads around here.

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