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Thread: "Creeking" noise in EX??

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    "Creeking" noise in EX??

    I have been chasing a noise in my EX-35 for about a week now and wanted to see if there were any of you that have a similar noise.

    The noise is a "creeking" type noise better described like a noise when walking on an old wooden floor. The noise seems to originating in the upper A-Pillar on the passenger side of the car. It is present when driving slowly up a driveway or on un-even pavement.

    If the stereo is on along with the A/C it will be diffiult to hear but when the car is quiet and driving, it is appearant.

    Does anyone else have this noise in their EX??

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    I haven't heard this noise. I did get a creeking coming from my rear seats after I brought them back up from the flat position, which was real annoying. I had to put them down and up again a bunch of times before it stopped. It's strange that you hear it when driving slowly uphill. It sounds like something just needs to be tightened?
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    Could be a bad or missing spot weld...

    Or some trim clip scaping on a hole...

    If you are feeling particularly investigative, pull off the A-Pillar trim finisher and see if the noise is more easily identifiable afterwards. Drive with a passenger and have them push on stuff to see if the noise goes away.

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    Does the creeping noise disappear when the temperature is warm?

    Most of the time, cars coming straight from Japan specially the first batch of

    the new models has strange noises that only appear or can be heard when

    the temp. drops.

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