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Thread: EX and your dogs?

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    EX and your dogs?

    So do any of you EX owners Dog up your ride and take your pooches places with you, or do you take a lesser vehicle? Im not talking purse dogs either, im talking large dogs!

    Just curious because the fiance and I like the EX but im always worried about harming the leather and such.
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    We have 2 small dogs (Pekingese and Shih-Tzu) that haven't been in the EX much. When we do take that car, I have a big dog bed I put them in. But I would put a medium to somewhat big dog in the hatch? Not a St. Bernard, but maybe a smaller lab or something like that. You can also fold one or both of the seats down to give them more room (that is, if you don't need to use the back seat at the same time).
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    Folding the rear seat is the only OPTION. There is no way you can put a medium large size dog in the rear compartment. Not unless your fiancee sit there and the dog at the front :D

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