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Thread: 2009 EX and available colors?

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    Question 2009 EX and available colors?

    When will the new 2009 EXs be coming in and does anyone know if any new colors will be available? I am in the market for one, but want to wait it out, hoping for some new colors and possibly some new improvements or features.


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    Not sure about the EX, but the new 2009 G's are coming in September, except for the new 2009 G convertible which will make its world debut in November at the LA Auto Show.

    I'm guessing that the new EX, like the G and the current new EX in Europe, will be a 3.7 liter engine instead of the 3.5, and will come with the 7 speed transmission instead of the current 5 speed.

    Read more here.

    In terms of colors, your guess is as good as anyone's. I'm sure there will be some new choices, but don't hold your breath for Fire Engine Red or Sun Yellow. :D


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    Here`s my thing. The EX35 was designed more on

    performance side matching the 5 speed tranny , I bet

    the engineers didn`t care about the fuel economy side

    of that tranny much...

    The EX37 with 6 or 7 speed tranny is design

    between economy and performance. Remember, you

    can`t mix them at the same time. My 2008 Rav4 V6

    engine is powerful and yet it was designed on a fuel

    economy tranny... What you`ll get is a delayed

    downshift of the tranny when the power is needed and

    the tranny tends to shift gears quickly to overdive gears.

    You`ll always see that tachometer at 1.5k RPM. In the

    end, this type of tranny needs to be floored to get the

    juice out! Hope they changed the shift point when you

    use the manual mode...which is not available in my

    Rav4 V6....

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    So do we know if it will be the EX37?

    Given the sales figures, and big incentives, do you think they'll repackage things? Maybe include more as standard or in the Premium package?

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