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Thread: $1600 in damage in the first 10 min.....

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    Angry $1600 in damage in the first 10 min.....

    Hi Everyone, I've been a FA member since Feb 2003. Had 2003 G35 Coupe and a 2005 FX... On Tuesday night I bought my wife a 2008 EX White-Wheat w/ Wood trim, Premium, Luxe packages. After getting all the paperwork done we left the dealership. My wife wanted to drive it home after all it's going to be her car. She was nervous and cautious. Got on the freeway headed home. Not 10 min into the ride a car in front of us threw up a huge piece of semi tire tread. No place to go or swerve...smashed into the lower valance. Immediately got off the freeway to inspect the damage. Lower valance, lower grilles and under carriage engine cover destroyed..
    Needless to say I flipped out. My wife was crying and really shook. We weren't hurt but our brand new EX was no longer new !
    She called the dealership and explained what happened. They told her to bring in on Weds morning for inspection.When she arrived the Salesman, Finance guy and GM were waiting for her. They took it back for inspection.
    Bottom bumper, grilles and under engine cover....$1600.00
    They are going to cover half and provide a loaner while it's repaired. That's what I call great customer service......
    They were able to get the engine cover bolted back up, Grilles are re-connected to the valance and the valance pushed back out. It will take a few days to get the parts and about 7 to 10 days to repair.
    But the joy and magic of getting a new EX has been greatly diminshed.
    Just thought I'd share my grief and vent a goes on !
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    2003 G35Coupe/5AT - Sold

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    Hi JB G35,
    Glad that you and your wife are OK. Hope your EX is back & looking beautiful very soon!

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    Oh my God!! That must have been so scary, I'm so glad you guys are ok. Don't let it get you down too much. It will look like new before you know it!
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    Find a very customer oriented Infiniti dealership. I guess most of them have their own body shop. Good luck.

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    That sucks...Sorry to hear that. Glad that you and your wife are OK.
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