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Thread: 88 Z31 Turbo Transmisson (FS5R30a) and Z32 Bell

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    88 Z31 Turbo Transmisson (FS5R30a) and Z32 Bell

    I have a transmission from an 88 Z31 Turbo which as you may or may not know is the same transmission internally as the Z32 trans. I also have a bellhousing off of a Z32 trans that you can put onto the Z31 trans. The only difference between this trans and a Z32 trans is the shifter. The Z31 trans has an integrated shifter like the stock KA trans whereas the Z32 has all that linkage hanging off the back. The shifter location should be about the same as an RB25 trans. BTW, an RB bellhousing will go on this trans essentially making it an RB25 trans. I paid $300 for the trans. I am open to reasonable offers. Email me at


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    BTW, I am located in Gaithersburg MD.

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    Any offers at all?

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    PM sent
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    I've still got this!


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    whats the condition....? its over 20years old just wondering

    also pm me the best you can do for the tranny w/o z32 bell housing shipped to 33178 Miami,FL

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