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Thread: ~ October 2008 ROTM ~

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    ~ October 2008 ROTM ~

    Congratulations, Jason Kaufman, of New York, alias Kaufman32 on FreshAlloy. About 2 years ago, he decided he wanted a GT-R, and flew all the way to Florida to pick up this 2001 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T. 15 straight hours of driving back home must have flown by in this sick ride, and that's why was it chosen to represent FreshAlloy as the October 2008 Ride of the Month.

    Genuine Tommy Kaira Front Bumper
    Top Secret Rear Bumper
    GT-R Trunk and Wing

    Apexi Power FC ECU
    Garrett GT3076
    TIAL External Wastegate
    750cc RC Injectors
    JUN Intake Manifold
    Custom Downpipe
    Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
    Greddy Oil Catch Can
    NISMO N1 Oil Pump
    Oil Cooler and Relocation
    Upgraded ACL Bearings
    Comp Stage 4 6 Punk Clutch
    HKS Intake
    Sard BOV
    Fujitsabo TBE

    HKS Coilovers
    Stock GT-R Wheels

    Apexi AVC-R
    MOMO Super Cup Racing Seats

    Bio of the Car:
    After I got it here it was impounded by the Nassau County Police for not being registered and me using plates from another car, I drove 1200miles with no problem but I go tomy friends house to change the oil and I get pulled over go figure. after I got it registered and out of the pen I was pretty happy with the power until a few months later in December when I decided it was time for a power upgrade. I went with the Garrett GT3076 and all of the goodies to go along with it. LM24 hooked me up with some of the best work I've seen. I joined RegimentZero and met some really great people and a lot of good connections. My future plans for the car is to get rid of the RB25 and get an RB26 or RB30 and make some more serious power because this amount of power will keep me happy for only so long.

    Thanks to all who entered the competition. Tough competition is what the ROTM is all about, and every month even stiffer competition steps up to the plate. Think you've got a ride worthy of enough for next month's competition? Submit your ride to

    Additionally, keep in mind our friends at Nissan Sport Magazine will be watching the ROTM threads for prospective vehicles to feature in their magazine!

    09 M35S - Liquid Platinum

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    wow, very nice congratulations (really made my mouth drop)

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    Very sexy. I like the kit, fairly unique. Very, very clean car.

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    brings tears to my eyes

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    if you wanted a gtr... then why the GTT?

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    If you ever want pictures of your car shot let me know! I just bought some new equipment and would love to try it out...
    06 M45 Sport - Tint, BAT Overlays, Exhaust, Intake, Drop (on the way)
    96 4Runner - Too much to list...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evo_bill View Post
    if you wanted a gtr... then why the GTT?

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    very nice congrats on getting a R34 up to the northeast wish I had the determination to do it.

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    Sick car man. My #1 all time favorite car. When i have the means i hope to join the R34 GTR club. The GT-t comes with the rb25 and is rwd correct? Nice either way. It's a dream of mine that i will make come true. Take good care of her!
    -Boost rising...-=)

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    Jason, you are GOD!!!

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