I just wanted to warn everyone that is in the San Jose, CA area never to take their Infiniti for service at Frontier Infiniti on Stevens Creek. I brought my FX in for it's 30K maintenance. They told me it was done so I picked it up after work. I paid for the service and they said wait a couple minutes while they bring the car out to the front. However, they can't find my keys. They said this apparently happens often and they might have just left the keys in another car. They "tried" to look for the keys for about 20 or so minutes and said it might turn up tomorrow. They made it a big deal that they provided me a loaner car.

The dealership said they were going to give me a call the next day. I get a call 11:30AM the next day informing me that my car was no longer in the lot. I was even asked if I had come back to the dealership that same night to pick up my car with my spare (So I'm the victim here and I get accused of taking my car). They "discovered" the car missing 7AM and it took them 4 hours to contact me. I immediately head over to the dealership to file a police report. They have no clue as to what happened. No internal investigation was done. No camera footage was available. Basically considered the whole matter as between me and my insurance. They were very passive and had poor customer service. I love Infiniti and if you care about your's, I highly suggest not to bring it in to Frontier Infiniti on Stevens Creek (San Jose, CA).