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    Question Lease

    For those who lease their EX, what kind of lease payment you've got? My dealer quotes me $559/month for 39 months, with nothing out of pocket, 17,500 miles per year. Is this a decent deal? Your comments will be appreciated.

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    where are you located?!/...15156761865622 [][GTSPEC][VinnyTenRacing]

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    Sorry, I am in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia area.

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    We are gonna need a little more info. like what is the MSRP of the car you were quoted on. Most importantly, can you afford the payment and do you like the car???? Within reason buy a car not a payment.

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    The MSRP is 42,825. The car has Navigation, Premium, and Luxe Stylepackages. Also, roof rails, splash guards, and cargo protector. The dealer shows selling price at $500 under invoice. He also applies owner loyalty $500 discount. I just want to know how this compares with what others got on their leases. Thank you for your responses.

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    Hey Major. Which dealership?
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