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Thread: 94 R32 GT-R (RB26DETT) oil pressure guage erratic.

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    94 R32 GT-R (RB26DETT) oil pressure guage erratic.

    GT-R's oil pressure guage is giving puzzling readings. After a little driving oil pressure drops to anywhere from 1kg/cm^3 to almost zero. When the car initialy starts up its anywhere from 3 to 4kg/cm^3. From other people's experience I'm thinking could be either the oil pressure sensor or maybe even the oil pump acting up since people talk a lot about the OEM ones of these breaking. There's no spun bearing noise or strange sounds. Car acts normally under standard driving conditions. I'm thinking of just purchasing an aftermarket mechanical oil pressure sensor and guage and going from there. Any other suggestions or comments?

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    I think you have the right idea. Don't drive it hard until you get an accurate reading of what the pressure is doing. The oil pressure sending unit may be screwed.

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    I had the same problem. I replaced the oil pressure sending unit and that solved it. R32 GTR's use the same sending unit as the 300ZX.
    Gary Stewart
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    yep, replace with Z32 oil pressure sender, I've had mine running for three years now, no problems. But they fail regularly. Very common R32 problem.

    If you REALLY love your engine, you will put in an aftermarket oil gauge. Electronic is fine, I use an Apexi electronic gauge. The stock one simply doesn't respond to pressure fluctuations fast enough - oil pressure goes up and down virtually in sync with the tachometer.
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    It's not even an if you "REALLY" love your engine kinda thing... Accurate oil pressure is the number one most vital statistic you can have about your engine... A good oil press. gauge is a MUST HAVE.

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    So it's not the oil pump. Even if it is, I've got an extra one from an R34 on standby. Mechanically, oil seems to read fine and now the rest of the car's electronics are starting to get kinda weird from the rain here so I'm fixing one bug at a time. So now that I know it's more or less ok, what's a good gauge I can just put into my dash over the stock one. I'd rather not start removing parts and trim to fit guages everywhere.

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    Your issue isnt the gauge, its the oil pressure sensor, I have a brand new one available - $90 CAD + $5 Shipping
    PM if you it

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