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Thread: EX AUX/Navigation system hack

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    EX AUX/Navigation system hack

    I just successfully hacked into my AUX/Navigation system. My EX didnít come with the NAVI so I purchased the Garmin and connected it to RGB input. A problem was that I could not watch the screen while my car was in move and/or parking-break was unlocked. I was looking for any companies that can remove the curse but unfortunately I could not find. So I decided to do by myself. I got maintenance manual published on the web and could figured out what was eating. I opened the center consol and took out the AV C/U. I rewired some electric and finally got them. Now I can use my NAVI while driving. Also other guests in the car may enjoy DVD!

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    Connecting GPS to your head unit via RGB make it impossible to play music (FM/AM/CD). So either music without GPS or GPS without music, but not both at the same time. Too bad to pick the wrong way.
    2010 M50 GTG

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