First off the Staff at TEAM ALL OUT NISSAN (TAON) would like to again thank everyone who came out and supported our Annual FDR Nissan BBQ held last year in Aug. The BBQ was very successful and we had over 150 cars.

Everyone was excited about another BBQ this year and we have been asked by numerous people about it. Therefore, we felt we needed to post this thread to give everyone an update on what’s going on. The staff at TAON worked hard to try to make this year’s BBQ better than previous years. However, we ran into a few late road bumps along the planning process. Several reasons came into play that has led us to this decision.

The Staff at TAON would like to express its deepest regret that it will not be going forward with the annual gathering at FDR this year.

However, we will be actively and aggressively working on a 2010 FDR Nissan BBQ so we can provide the best atmosphere and make sure everyone can enjoy themselves.

Thank you for understanding.

The Staff at Team All Out Nissan