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Thread: My SR S14 vs S2000

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    My SR S14 vs S2000

    Cruising on HWY 405 at 65 MPH and about half a mile up I see this black S2000 with wide wheels/tires and a stainless exhaust and by the way he cut into traffic, I could tell he was a gamer.

    About 3 miles before my exit 405 turns from a 3 lane to 6 and I move over to the rightmost lane because the traffic flow was faster and I'm getting ready to make my exit. I was just wondering what Mr S2000 was going to do once he sees me as I passed him as my lane was slightly faster than his at the extreme left. To my mild surprise (somewhat), he cuts all the way from the leftmost lane and plants himself right in front of me in the rightmost lane.

    I scanned the lanes around and infront of us and I could see we had clear sailing ahead for a good 2 miles before my exit so I proceeded to entertain his obvious need to spank a 240SX. I downshifted to 3rd going 65 MPH to bring up the SR around 4500 and at the same time flicked over my boost controller to high (18 PSI). When I pulled up to his left rear fender, he downshifted and gunned it based on the sound of his exhaust and as soon as I heard that, I mashed down and instantly felt full boost and jumped right out to 2 car lengths ahead of him. I focused on my RPM and shifted up to 4th at around 7800 RPM which translates to 110 MPH. When I looked up my rearview mirror he was about 4 cars behind at which point I let up the gas as my exit was fast approaching and the race was settled as far as I was concerned.

    Got down to 65 and took the exit and he follows me to mile or so to right before I was turning left at a stoplight. I'm wondering if he's trying to follow me or if we're just headed in the same direction. When I line up on the left lane to turn with my blinkers he passes me and looks at me and actully gives me a semi-thumbs up so I guess he was sporting type of guy even though he got spanked down hard

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    on the hiway racing its hard to beat an Sr or just about any turbo engine. I would do the same thing and line up right in my boost curve in my SR'ed 240 and makeV8' look like they were going back wards :D
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    Good stuff ! Good sport . awsome ...

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