On Monday, November 30th (Monday after Turkey Day), Asphalt Ventures [ https://asphaltventures.com ] puts on the Tryptophan Recovery Plan at VIR for a Full Course run. Info at
[ https://asphaltventures.com/November_30_-_VIR.html ] or just register at http://www.motorsportreg.com/index.cfm/event/event.advert/uidEvent/35AB1F26-D4DD-EEC8-4CB0731D278511BC .

Yes... Yes ...we know, that is a Monday, ... what are YOU thinkin? So the choice is simple, go to work... or drive your car on one of the premiere road courses in North America. Full course = 3.27 miles of getting after it!
This is a bunch of track time, and there is a novice group with some of the finest professional instruction in the country. Event costs are the most reasonable around!
This course has Z & G car plastered all over it! Stretch the weekend (call in "tracked")

ARE you thinkin?