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Thread: EX35: Painted black plastic

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    EX35: Painted black plastic

    Does anyone have any pictures of an EX with the bottoms of the bumpers and side sills painted? Since it's black it just doesn't look good. Thanks.

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    plenty of FX owners have painted it... or you can order the aero kit for the EX!/...15156761865622 [][GTSPEC][VinnyTenRacing]

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    rough estimate of what that would cost to do? it looks much better.

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    i think the aero kit is aruond $2500?!/...15156761865622 [][GTSPEC][VinnyTenRacing]

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    Quote Originally Posted by da mayor View Post
    i think the aero kit is aruond $2500?

    I meant the paint job, I know the aero kit is like 1500 but the paint job is cleaner.

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    here are some pictures, i hope these are some things you need:

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    What's the cheapest anyone got to get the black plastics painted? I got a quote for $350 in GA.
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