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Thread: Side Mirrors stopped working....

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    Side Mirrors stopped working....

    I tried searching this but the search here is horrible...takes forever and when I click on it again, says I have to wait 15 sec before I can search again...when I never got the results from the search in the first place. When I finally got results, it was for everything but mirrors. The side mirrors on my 03 M45 stopped working and I can't figure out which fuse to check. Does anyone know? Thanks.
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    Stopped working completely? The 03-04 M45 & 02+ Q45 are notorious for them getting off track (mine included)...they will do a "click, click, click" noise when trying to go down in Reverse (tranny) mode.
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    HMMMM So, both stop working at the same time? I would point to the connection in the switch.The fuse would control more than just the mirrors. If it were the fuse something else would be malfunctioning.

    I recommend resetting. Disconnect the battery and reconnect after a minute or so.

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    Update...I don't drive the car everyday, so I can't remember the last time I even drove the car much less used the power mirror switch...what caught my attention yesterday was that the driver's side mirror didn't go down when I put the car in reverse. Then when I tried to power both mirrors, nothing. I write this thread this morning and afterward get in the car and the driver's side mirror was working here and there...nothing from the passenger side (realized then it wasn't a fuse). Now this afternoon on the way home, both mirrors work fine. The car is parked in a garage overnight, but the temps have been getting below think it's the cold weather?
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    2006 Infiniti FX45 (silver)
    2003 Infiniti M45 (silver)

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    its possible. the cold weather can be a pain on car parts at times. you said you keep it garaged, right? So, you garage gets under 30 degrees? The switch may be dirty or it may have coroided(sp) contacts. I still say disconnect the battery for a minute or so and reconnect.

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