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Thread: Racing a racing legend

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    Racing a racing legend

    This was a couple years ago now, but a great story nonetheless. A friend of mine calls me up brimming with excitement. That morning he decided to take his 360 Modena to work. He lives on Key Biscayne an expensive, rather elite, small island in Miami. He's sitting at the traffic light in front of his waterfront condo and glances over at the car next to him, a Mercedes E55 AMG whose driver is looking back over at his car. He makes eye contact briefly when he realizes the car is being driven by none other than Emerson Fittipaldi. Stunned he doesn't catch the light turned green, and Emo lights em up and is GONE! He gives chase and they tear it up the whole way off the Key before slowing down for a wave and a nod and parting ways at I-95. Now for those of you who don't know Key Biscayne is their own city and has their own Police force with quite a reputation for ruthlessly enforcing their 30mph speed limit anywhere on the island, but hey how often do you get an opportunity like that?
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    Wow I cant belive I missed this story !
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    Thats Golden ! Great story ..

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