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Thread: 2011 EX changes/updates

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    2011 EX changes/updates

    –- New standard 7-speed automatic transmission.

    –- New standard 18-inch wheels and tires (previously 17-inch.)

    –- Standard Dual Zone Automatic Temperature Control (previously on EX Journey models only.)

    –- Revised Fine Vision electroluminescent gauge illumination coloring.

    –- Blind Spot Warning (BSW) system added to the Technology Package,

    –- New Premium Package (combines previous Navigation Package and Bose® and Around View™ Monitor Package.)

    –- Previous Premium Package now named Deluxe Touring Package.

    –- 19-inch wheels and tires added to the Deluxe Touring Package.

    –- Three new exterior colors: Artic Blue, Midnight Garnet and Graphite Shadow.

    –- Stone interior color is no longer available.
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    HAHA!!! They brought back the last gen M Sport wheels!! HOT!!!!
    My Opin.

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    the new arctic blue is actually pretty good looking! 24mpg highway about time!!/...15156761865622 [][GTSPEC][VinnyTenRacing]

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    Honestly, this is a really good looking car, especially with those cleverly recycled previous M35/45 Sport wheels.:thumbup: If they keep this lean, G wagon look with the next generation, but make it big enough to have usable space, then it could really boost Infinit's entry-level sales.

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    What did they do to this relative to the Rogue to remove 7 inches of rear leg room?

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    That's a good question! I think the Rogue is actually several inches longer, but I'm not sure. I'll have to check it out and come back here and edit.:o

    EDIT: .... aaand I'm wrong. Rogue: 183.3 inches, EX: 182.3 inches.

    The EX even has a longer wheelbase at 110.2 vs 105.9 for the Rogue. It's a mystery to me how the leg room is so confined in the EX. Perhaps the power-folding seat mechanisms?

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