Had my plugs done a few days ago at AAM (http://aamcompetition.com/)
My last couple visits had all a while back.

Straight from the beginning a good experience.

I was able to easily get an appt. and also was able to easily change it to another day when a buddy of mine (Chris350Z here on FA) wanted to ride with.

Even though they charge a little extra per hr over cginev's shop (whom I was also thinking of using up in Philly) they included a lot of little freebies so I think I got a real value.

First off, the new facility is BIG.
Almost too big.... the entry waiting area is so cavernous one almost feels a little lost.
The addition of a small coffee table and some car magazines would do wonders here to make the place look more cozy. (you readin this Mike )

The huge mural in the waiting room is laudable for its "nissaness" (go there and find out what I mean).:D

My friend Chris (aka Chris350Z here) who rode with me is a Mechanical Engineer by trade so he really enjoyed the personal tour he go from Jon of the new facility+production machinery which he had not yet seen.
Thanks Jon!

Dave the tech is fast, competent and seems like a super nice guy to boot.
Clint (Service advisor) and Jon (internet manager) also real personable and nice guys.

Dave took his time to mark and check my plugs since I had some concerns about leaness in one of my banks from a dyno run some months ago.

My Copper Plugs still looked decent after 36000 FI miles, no sign of leaness on them in either bank.

Took the plenum off for me free of charge so I could check how well my KN filter was filtering (I had some concerns there).

Under plenum looked good.
Then we ultrasonically bathed the upper and lower plenum and even though its not visible from outside I now KNOW my car is so CLEAN under there.. like a brand new one.

Since they didnt have a cleaning kit for my K&N handy that day, they blew my filter out for free with compressed air.:thumbup:

Even Mike the owner stopped by and BS'ed with us a bit.

Rarely seen a shop so uniformly filled with friendly people who each could also hold an intelligent conversation to boot, clearly a great Team!

All in all a trip well worth the time!

Thanks guys!