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Thread: M45 engine being replaced at 74K miles A+ Dealer support

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    M45 engine being replaced at 74K miles A+ Dealer support

    Hi guys... just a quick note to counter all the rants on dealers and car compainies screwing people... a few years ago (2007 I believe) I helped my mom purchase a new M45 loaded up with every option (long story as to how that happened... but it turned out to be the only one on the lot she could shift ... and it was of course the most expensive car on the lot... but she eventually fell in love with the rear reclining seats, DVD player, adaptive cruise, etc.) Anyway...

    She purchased the car and had always had it serviced at Pinnacle Infinity in Scottsdale. The car as been maintained perfectly and it still looks new. Last month mom heard a funny noise from the engine on start up each morning.. went away after a few minutes but she still wanted to get it checked out.. she took it in to have it looked at and they came back and said she was very low on oil. The oil had been changed just 1400 miles ago... so that didn't add up. They couldn't find a leak.. so they added oil and asked her to come back in 1000 miles so they could check it again. Today she rolled in and they checked out the motor... i didnt get the details but they said the motor needs to be replaced. It's out of warrenty at 74K.. just 4K over the powertrain warrenty. The dealer had already discussed the situation with Infinity and they are going to honor the warrenty since the car was perfectly maintained by an Infinity dealer and she just out of warrenty. So... iher M45 is getting a new motor (not a rebuilt motor) and should be as good as new in a few weeks. She is driving a loaner M37 while her car get's fixed up. No need to escalate to a service manager or Infinity USA... no need to threaten a lawsuit, etc. No claims that it must have been her fault or that she drove it with low oil. Both the dealer and infinity stepped up and treated one of their customers the way we all expected to be treated (they they should... this is her 3rd infinity.)

    I am sure if i search these forums i will find this is a known/common issue with the early M45 motor.. but not sure. I just thought everyone would like to hear a situation that didn't have any drama or yelling or BS. They treated my mom right.. and I really appricate that.

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    Great story and awesome treatment by Pinnacle Infiniti. Goes to show all dealers aren't the bad guys some make them out to be. Thanks for sharing. :thumbup:

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    glad to hear the good news!!/...15156761865622 [][GTSPEC][VinnyTenRacing]

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    nice, great to hear. Thanks for sharing.

    not to be a pain, but your mom's M is an Infiniti not Infinity.

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    Are you 100% certain they will replace the entire engine? It's usually just the block that's replaced. Nonetheless, it's good to hear they are going to cover this work under warranty. Importantly, make sure your mother keeps and eye out for oil consumption when the engine is replaced----because there's a chance the replacement engine will consume oil as well.
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