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Thread: Sr20det/haltech/splitfire coilpacks breaking up... Dwell settings?

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    Sr20det/haltech/splitfire coilpacks breaking up... Dwell settings?

    I have an s13 sr20det built top and bottom, running on haltech p1000 ecu. I am running the splitfire coilpack ignition upgrade and when I went to get tuned a few weeks ago it would break up on the dyno anytime the timing started to advance from base and even a little while timing was locked at 15 degrees. Last night I fiddled arounded and checked a few things, and ended up trying the factory coilpacks and harness amongst many other things. I found the coilpacks were the fix to my issue, but my question is..
    Why would brand new plug and play splitfire coilpack be doing this... I thought that maybe I needed to change the dwell settings in the haltech as most people with ls1 coils have to do, but they are sold as a plug and play kit for people with stock ecu's.

    Does anyone have any input on why they'd be doing this? I checked my ground from the splitfire amplifier and it's tight and on the clean piece of metal (dashboard support).

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Pink Silvia Aero

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    Sorry for bringing up an old post, but did you ever get this resolved? I also have a Haltech PS1000 and was thinking about purchasing a set of Splitfires before having my car tuned.
    07 Versa SL

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