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Thread: Congratulations to Nisslover - our new Featured Member!

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    Congratulations to Nisslover - our new Featured Member!

    Please join me in welcoming Dedrean aka Nisslover as FreshAlloy featured Member.

    he is only the second Freshalloy featured member ever.

    His car:


    His story:

    Thanks for keeping FA up and running. I truly consider it my Nissan Enthusiast home.

    Me, I'm a 24 year old Web Design student at the Art Institute of Houston. I recently started a design company along with some friends and fellow students, so I'm pretty busy with that. I also serve in the United States Air Force Reserve.

    Ok, that's the boring stuff. My love affair with Nissan first started when my mom brought home a white '95 Maxima GXE. I was around the age of 11 or 12 and at the age where I was eager to drive. I remember I could drive her Toyota Paseo that she had before without a problem, but I couldn't for the life of me drive the Maxima because I couldn't take off without almost spinning the tires. It was all over then. I can still hear the growl of the VQ and the nose of the car flying upwards as I pressed the pedal! lol. We kept that one for a few years until my aunt hit one too many curbs with it when she borrowed it. We then got a POS Montero Sport.............. can we say transmission problems..... and it was a MANUAL!!!

    My own first car was a 92 Honda Accord(LueLue, lol) that had 198,000 miles on it when I got it, and never gave me one problem! Around the same time I got my first car my mom got another Maxima, this time a 2000 in the light blue color(Maxine). Loved it, and wished it was mine! Well after I joined the USAFR I had a little pocket change and I got my black 01 I30 in 2006(The Panther). Finally my own VQ with a little luxury on the side!

    In 2008 I was deployed to Afghanistan for six months. One of the good things that came out of that was a nice savings account. Before I left I paid off the I30 so I also had no obligations. And that leads me to where I am today. The VERY first day I was back home in Houston from the Afghan, I was test driving a 2007 Altima 3.5SE! The deal on that one fell through once we saw some shady signs from the seller. About a week later I lucked up on a fully loaded Black 2007 Altima 3.5SE 6-Speed(Ebony)!!! Just like I wanted and ended up getting a pretty good deal on it. And that's where I am today. We actually still have the I30. And I honestly still prefer its sound over the VQ35DE in my Altima, but I LOVE the 6-spd and all 270HP I have on tap and use them quite often, and she has been maintaining 22 MPG lately!

    I am now considering stepping up to a 2007-2008 G35S Sedan, and if possible 2009 a G37S Sedan. But I am in no rush and it would have to be spec'd just like Ebony, 6-speed and fully loaded and I really want Blue Slate on Stone. I, like JayG35, am partial to Sedans, but can see myself driving a G-Coupe as my second car one day.

    My favorite Nissan would be the GT-R of course, which I see quite often here in Houston(relatively speaking). My favorite Infiniti, hands down is the M56S. If I had the money, no doubt, I'd be driving that car!

    Wow it seems like it was only yesterday that I was 14 years old arguing about cars that I had never touched and actually WINNING the arguments!. Been her for 10 years, and plan to be for another 10 or as long as FA is up and running!

    the Freshalloy team bestowed this honor on Dedrean as Freshalloy featured member 2/11 because of his years of dedicated loyalty to Nissan, Infiniti and Freshalloy.
    Pleease join me in congratulating him!!

    "In the end we all just play the roles given us... Sometimes they dont fit so well,... but I guess we make do."

    Dont forget MultiMedia forums!!

    2x91,92,94 Q45s, 2x 350Z, 1x 240SX w/ SR20DET, 1x Sentra SER SPEC-V, 2k2 Maxima, 2x03 G35, 09 Maxima, 2k2 Maxima, 2015 XTerra, 2005 Xterra, 2012 Pathfinder,

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    Sadly, some of the posts to this thread got misplaced when we migrated to the current site. But we hope Dedrean knows how much we appreciate him and his contributions to FA.

    Thanks, man! Great to have you here!

    If someone blows up a school with a bomb they go after the bomber ... if someone shoots up a school they go after the gun.

    A privilege is just a right that has been taken away by government.

    Political correctness is cowardice wrapped in a lie.

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    2011 Infiniti M56, 30% ceramic tint, hard-wired Escort 8500 X50, LED cabin and trunk lighting - traded!

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    Understood. All good.

    Thanks! As I said before, FA will always be home!
    My Opin.

    Former: 2007 Nissan Altima 3.5SE Sedan 6MT [Totaled :( ]
    Current: 2013 Infiniti G37S 6MT Sedan

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    That sucks about Dedrean's congratulatory posts being lost, but these things happen. I remember saying something among them, so I'll reiterate: Congratulations brother!

    Furthermore, I'd like to offer a toast to Nissan's ever-decreasing amount of stock wheel gap. This is brought to you by the 5th-gen Altima and upcoming V37 G (as seen in spy photos).

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