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Thread: presents: PACE Day 2011!!! August 27th

  1. #1 presents: PACE Day 2011!!! August 27th presents: PACE Day 2011!!! August 27th

    OHHH YESSS! that's right, we are back! proudly brings to you PACE Day 2011!!

    If you for some reason missed out last year (shame on you) or some how forgot how amazing this event was last year, please check out this amazing video by the one and only

    Josh Clason

    We plan to out-do ourselfs this year so we can't spill the beans on everything but we will update this thread periodically so make sure to check back with us!

    This is a family event so bring your wife, kids, parents, baby's momma and whoever you want! So make sure to tell all your friends and we'll see you all there!!

    For those of you coming out of town, La Quinta hotel in Orem is probably the closest hotel and from what i saw online they have some good room pricing too. If you need help finding a hotel PM me and i'll help you out.

    Things to note this year:
    It will be held in a different location. Murdock Hyundai has been gracious enough to allow us to use their old building on State street in Orem Utah, right next to autozone. The address is 273 s state street orem utah. if you need help find it follow this link as last year, please make sure to not do anything stupid since cops will be around and we don't want to shame our industry any more than it already is because of dumb people doing dumb stuff Time to shut up and let the flyer do the talking!

    For more information come follow us on the Utah car forum, at :!!-August-27th

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    UPDATE 1: Did we say August 27th???? Naaahhhhh we were just kidding
    THE EVENT HAS BEEN MOVED TO SEPTEMBER 3rd!!! It was time to swallow our pride and stubbornness of wanting to have it the same weekend, in order to keep a sort of "tradition" going, for a bigger and greater picture. This way the automotive scene in Utah will not have to be torn between a great car meet and a great racing weekend! For those who don't know, Redline Time Attack round 5 will be held at MMP on the 27th and 28th of August. So if you already asked for these days off of work make sure to switch them or ask for the 3rd of September off as well so you can enjoy both events during the end of summer. We have other updates coming soon regarding activities during PACE Day 2011 so stay tuned
    Mods, please change date on the tittle of thread. thanks!
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    Final Update:

    PACE Day 2011 IS ALMOST HERE! Hopefully you are as excited as we are. We have added more sponsors to the event and they are ready to go. One huge announcement is that DJ EROCKALYPZE will be doing the music this year. Basically this means it’s going to be GOOD TUNES all day long, and we can’t wait to have him spin at PACE Day 2011.

    With the new vendors we have added Visionpro who will be there with HID kits and other accessories for many vehicles. Also Reflections Detailing will be there doing demo’s on how to detail your car with different products and showing you the art of making your car show just as nice as the day you bought it!

    Murdock Hyundai will also be there showing off many of Hyundai’s new cars and answering any questions you may have. They will also be providing the pizza so make sure to tell them thanks

    REMEMBER ALSO THE .50 CENT RAFFLE TICKETS!!!!!!!! You will have the opportunity to win:

    1. A one hour dyno session with Manoa Dyno ($25 set up fee applies)
    2. A baseline (3 pull) session with Zip Tie Dynowerks
    3. A one hour dyno session with Zip Tie Dynowerks
    4. A free tune up/ oil change from Nip N Tuck Performance
    5. Two $50 dollar certificates from Unkown Coatings along with a half off coupon for powder coating your wheels
    6. HID kits from Visionpro
    7. and other prizes from Rally Sport Direct!

    Again each raffle ticket will be .50 cents each but for every 10 tickets you buy we will give you 2 FOR FREE!!!!

    If you missed us last year make sure to be there this year. The event starts at 9 AM till 2 PM.

    PARKING WILL BE TIGHT so come early if you actually want to park on the lot. Anyone arriving what we will call “fashionably late” so they can roll in and have everyone see them will probably realize that they will be parking 2 blocks away and walking to the event……so be sure to BE EARLY if you want to show off your ride.

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