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Thread: 2006 FX45 drive belts...

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    2006 FX45 drive belts...

    Hello, I have a 2006 FX45 with almost 40K miles. Since the weather has turned cooler this week, a drive belt is squealing at start up, just for a minute or two. From what I can determine, there are 2 drive belts. I plan on replacing them both. Has anyone replaced the belts on a 06 FX45? Is it difficult, do I have to remove the fan, etc? Also, I plan on using Goodyear Gatorback belts, the two part numbers I find are 4060763 and 4040372. Any Pros/Cons? I have one on another vehicle and haven't had any issues (about 20K miles so far). Can anyone confirm these part numbers are correct? This is what Amazon is showing will fit the 06 FX45. Appreciate any info/advice. Thanks.
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    Just take your FX to the dealership and they can replace the squealing belt. It's very common for Infiniti belts to squeal when they start to wear out, or when it's cold or wet outside upon initial start-up of the vehicle.
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