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Thread: Eagle1's Converting SC to TT LINKS Thread!

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    Eagle1's Converting SC to TT LINKS Thread!

    Links to each chapter

    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
    Chapter 7
    Latest News!!! (New!)

    Here is the first post in a 'links thread' that gives our FA community a handy reference list of the parts and services used in Eagle1's conversion from an ATI Procharger to a Jim Wolf Technology Twin Turbo.

    Jim Wolf Technology

    Pauter Rods

    Nismo Parts/Bushings - Performance Nissan (use search button for Nismo)

    CP Pistons

    Split Second Engine Controls



    Amsoil Pre-oiler
    Amsoil By-Pass Filter

    ARP Main/Head Studs

    Enkei NT03+M Wheels

    Nitto NT 01 Tires

    Motordyne ISO Thernal Plenum Spacer (1/2" spacer used)

    Fluidampr technical page on how a Fluidampr helps.

    ATS Three Disc Carbon Clutch/Flywheel (ATS website refers to ACROSS USA now handling their merchandise, which in turns references CARBONETIC - the product page from CARBONETIC is now shown, but the staff at FreshAlloy cannot guarantee whether the product shown is ATS technology or not. Please check with Carbonetic to confirm.)

    Samco Engine Hoses

    AP Racing Brakes

    APR Adjustable Wings

    Crower Cams

    AP Racing Brake link added just above!

    APR Wing and Crower Cams link added as well! Also, some of the links have been updated to repair broken/outdated ones.

    If there are any links not present that should be, let me know and I'll be happy to insert them!

    - Riff

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    Re: Converting SC to TT LINKS Thread! UPDATED!

    The link for the AP Racing brakes Eagle1 has been added to compensate for the inability of the Stop-Tech brakes to handle the immense power of his Jim Wolf TT-powered coupe.

    This should wrap things up ... for now!

    - Riff

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    Additions! A link to ARP for the new rear wing that's been added - the wing will be painted white to match the Ivory Pearl paint on the coupe. A link for the new Crower S2 cams has been added as well. Also, quite of the few links above have been changed to reflect broken and/or updated links.

    Also, as a note, a custom front splitter was crafted from aluminum (and will also be painted white.) Eagle1 had this done for him by Violent Racing Technology.

    Finally, and most importantly the Jim Wolf Technology twin turbos have been increased in size from the 530 unit to the 700, adding another useable 100HP at the wheels.

    Now you know why the wing and splitter were added. (Something has to help keep all power on the road!)

    - Riff

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