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Thread: Article: Congratulations to Craig aka DHcrocks our newest featured member! (Dec11)

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    Congratulations to Craig aka DHcrocks our new featured members! (Dec11)

    Freshalloy would like to recognize DHCrocks, aka Craig, as our Featured Member. Craig joined FA in February of 2011 soon after purchasing his 2012 Infiniti M56 S. Since that time he has been a frequent poster in the 3rd generation M Forum. Please join me in congratulating Craig on being our new featured member!!



    Craig is not afraid to get his hands dirty as evidenced by his many helpful DIY posts:

    You'll find the references to these install here:


    Craig had this to say:

    "I found Freshalloy doing a seach trying to look for an Infiniti M forum and this is the best and most active forum around for the M. Being a new owner I wanted to find out as much as I could about this vehicle and at the same time try to help other owners.

    Car forums have been invaluable to me in the past and will continue to educate and inform me of information that would not otherwise be available to the average consumer. I really want to thank the staff at Freshalloy for putting together a great place where Nissan/Infiniti enthusiast can exhange information.

    My car is a 2012 M56S, this is my first real entry into the luxury car segment and my second Infiniti. In the past I have gone through many phases
    from compact cars to lifted SUV's. My previous car, a 2004 G35 coupe, was an outstanding vehicle that I kept for 8 years. Usually I would rotate out at 4-5 years but since I liked it so much I kept it for a bit longer.

    This time around I wanted to get a more luxury oriented vehicle but it still had to have that sporty feel. I looked at the 550i, XF, E550, CTS-V which were all in the same price range but in the end it came down to the M56S with the 550i close behind. I felt the Infiniti was a good compromise on sport and luxury, a good value and my past experience with the brand gave me a good idea of what to expect reliability wise. The M56 is a bit more uncommon too so I don't see one at every corner. Since I'm getting up in age I'm not really into modifying cars anymore so my top priority in a new car was that it was fast out of the box yet still be civilized, I think this Infiniti is a perfect fit for me."

    Hey and it's got a V8


    Did we mention Craig lives in Hawaii?

    "In the end we all just play the roles given us... Sometimes they dont fit so well,... but I guess we make do."

    Dont forget MultiMedia forums!!

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    Congrats. and I LOVE the car!!!!
    My Opin.

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    Man, another deserving member gets recognized for his contributions!

    We appreciate all our members, but it's great to be able to feature an outstanding one every once in a while and heap a little praise on him. Craig, consider yourself heaped upon! :D

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    Congratulations Craig! Your car is my favorite in the entire Nissan/Infiniti lineup!

    I wish I had posted pictures of my vehicles, but time is at such a premium and on top of everything else, I am going back to college, so it will get even worse.:D I do have a case of Zaino in the corner waiting for the right time to detail and post pics though.

    Anyway the shots of your M56S have me drooling. It also looks like Hawaii is a lot easier on a finish than the northeast.

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    AND he does GREAT DIY writeups!!!!!!!

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    thanks everyone. it was a supprise to me from Fred. I had no idea, I thought you had to enter to get

    I'm really happy with this car, I used to be a Toyota/Lexus guy but nowdays I prefer the stuff from Infiniti.

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