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Thread: Car and Driver entry luxury comparison: G25 places 3/5 with interesting commentary

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    Car and Driver entry luxury comparison: G25 places 3/5 with interesting commentary

    This links to the G's summary on page 4:

    Now here is a fair and objective, for the most part, comparison. I have no issue with the BMW winning here, because darn it, it's the newest, best overall car. This will change when we are graced with the V37. The V36 G25 did quite well for its age. Here are the highs/lows/etc:


    Delusions of  Nissan 370Z grandeur, Porsche-like steering feel, rock-bottom price.

    A blender for an engine, gasps for power, a somewhat tired-looking interior.

    Hey, Infiniti, you know what would be just about perfect? A G31.

    Now, on to what makes this comparison interesting. A quote from the article:
    the G25 managed a third-place finish by  virtue of  its best-in-class handling and steering feel. No other sedan here could match the tactility and natural feedback coming through the G’s three-spoke steering wheel.
    (this is an excerpt from the 328i passages):
    The brand’s obsession with even weight distribution pays handling dividends. Front and rear tires seem to work equally hard. The new 3 most closely resembles the previous car in its balanced feel and nearly neutral handling. The most glaring difference between 3-series new and old is the new electric power steering’s feedback. First, it’s far lighter than before. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. That the electric power steering doesn’t offer much feedback or feel is a bad thing, though. At least it is accurate, allowing you to place the car precisely in a corner without lost motion. Our beef is that the primary communication between driver and road—the steering—is now pleading the Fifth. Please, BMW, remedy this fault.
    So, not to pat myself on the back too much, but this is all exactly how I felt the real-world outcome of such a comparison would be, back when I read the horrible MT comparison. I said that the old G25 probably is a better drive than the new F30 328i, and lo and behold... C&D deserves credit here for giving the Infiniti its due: it is the best sport sedan here. This is blatantly obvious. Whether it is the best luxury-sport blend is up for debate, and doubtless it is dated now in 2012. I give this magazine props for stepping up and delivering some truth here. This is the same crap that the F10 5er is saddled with- bad steering, floaty suspension, and the world's worst tires. BMW is now the Ultimate German Lexus.:thumbup: There is nothing special about a BMW with no M badge today. It is merely a pleasant, well-finished, competent vehicle.

    Now, the 2011+, current-gen M got a lot sportier than its already excellent-road-mannered predecessor. Perhaps too sporty, as the ride has cost it comparison wins. Is there any doubt that the V37 G is going to be so much of an improvement dynamically that the 3 series is going to looks like a Lexus IS in comparison? Unless Infiniti really drops the ball in the next year, they have every right to be considered the new "Ultimate Driving (for < $90,000) Machine."

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    You know sometimes i think due to the combination of lower sticker and smaller market I should be able to find a 1 or 2 year old G25 for a (relative) song but I cant.

    used prices at least advertised ones seem to be within a couple grand of the G37.. what gives??
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    It's only about 4 grand cheaper than the G37 in its sticker price, so a 2 grand difference is likely the most you'll see on the used car market.

    Th G25 is also rare. It might be a strange seller's market for those seeking a higher-mpg Infiniti on the cheap. I've only seen a couple of them in the wild up here (which is exactly how many M56s I've seen, to put this in perspective), and if you drive around here, you see current-gen Gs every 10 seconds. It's the same as with a 3-series or Camry or Altima.:D I don't think Infiniti is producing many of them, and I think many people are just opting to lease the 37 for a nominal increase in monthly payment.

    With the redesign, I think there will be more differentiation and price gap between the base and upmarket G models. For a change, you may see more G20ts (if that's what it ends up being called as per the patents) than G30ts.

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