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Thread: 2003 G35 Sdan Brakes locking

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    2003 G35 Sdan Brakes locking

    So I just noticed this over the past 3 days. When I first start my car and start to roll, I am not hearing the ABS test noise. Then maybe 150 meters into my drive the slip light comes on and the brakes auto apply. It then lets go and I don't have the problem again until the next day. Anyone heard of this, it is a little un-nerving.



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    I ahve a question for you though:

    Does the slip/ABS light stay on after that?
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    No. The light comes on when the car starts braking and then goes out. The first two days it did it, I thought it may be due to damp roads but it happened again on dry and never quite in the same spot (took oil on the roadway out of the equation). My alignment seems to be getting worse as well as if the braking may be coming from the front left (although I thought the slip light was only for the rear wheels)

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    With the little bit of information here, I'm going to say you may have an issue with one of the front toner rings for the wheel speed sensors. I'm assuming this is a 2WD since 2003 didn't have a AWD option. The toner rings are magnetic and part of the front wheel bearing. I have seen a few that get impacted by a rock and get damaged (physically broken). You can check this by getting under the car and looking at the back side of the wheel bearing while you spin it to see if any part of it is damaged. Usually this will set a code though. Another possibility is that you have mismatched tires. Are you running new tires in the front with old tires in the rear or new rears with old fronts? Are you running staggered sizes front to back that may have a different overall diameter? There are a lot of possible options for why this could be happening. It could also be a failed wheel speed sensor or a loose pin in the wire harness (we have seen this at the control module). There is a lot more information needed to give you a proper diagnosis and repair procedure.

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